Some noteworthy history of Brakpan is that the town had the highest mine dump in the world measuring a staggering 120 meters high, that is higher than some of the pyramids of Egypt only second to the Pyramid of Cheops.

Gold fever saw many small towns being established on the then Witwatersrand from around 1888 and in the case of Brakpan, it was a rich coal seam that was discovered. Today mainly gold and uranium are mined in the surrounding mines but gold yields have dwindled from what they once were. Industries or rather allied industries began to diversify into general engineering and manufacturing which brought stability to the town.

Naturally, housing was a priority for the miners and so a property market was established. When one takes a drive through the town, many of the old buildings remain like the Brakpan Library. Today Brakpan has a large number

The property market in Brakpan is a highly competitive market and is also highly sought after as the town is in the major industrial node of Gauteng. So, the prime location is a contributing factor and then the diverse property usage the town has to offer which consists of freestanding homes, and innumerable amount of apartments and townhouses is another factor and finally the pricing structure which the various property usages cater for.

The various suburbs of Brakpan are just as diverse with a demographic makeup as diverse as the property usage. Naturally, the newer suburbs offer the more modern architectural styles which bring with it a higher property value and then there are also some exclusive lifestyle and security estates which will polarize the upper end of the market and add more value to the town in general.

There are more than enough schools catering for the education of children in the various suburbs and as the town develops, more schools will follow.

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