Brackenfell is an old well-established suburb located in the northern parts of the Western Cape. The suburb was established in 1913 and the name is derived from the Bracken ferns which are indigenous to the region.

The town of Brackenfell has expanded over the years to now have suburbs of its own which are all in high demand.

The suburb is very much self-sustaining with all the important amenities in place like industrial and commercial hubs which are essential for the residents of the town.

The mixed property use of the suburb which consists of freehold homes and sectional-title townhouse complexes is made up of a mixture of conventional and modern architecture which will suit a larger market.

The ideal location of the suburb is highlighted by the development of new sectional-title townhouse complexes being currently constructed which will also have the effect of a slight increase in the general property values. The other highlight of the town’s location is the proximity to a vast number of tourist attractions and guest houses in its suburbs which indicate the level of the demand for property within the suburbs commands.

The town and its suburbs caters for the middle to high income groups with property values for freehold homes starting at the mid R600’s to above R1.8 mil mark depending on the individual property sizes and for townhouses prices range from the high R300’s to above R700’s.

Townhouses are sought after by buy-to-let investors and tenants alike with stable income from rent and growth in property values. First time home buyers will be well advised to consider the suburbs of Brackenfell as an entry point into the property market as the market is stable and the high demand for entry level properties in towns like Brackenfell will always be in demand.

The various suburbs have well established popular schools catering for education. Here is a list of some of the schools in the various suburbs;

North Pine Technical High School

Brackenfell High School

Bastion Primary School

There are a number of major roads which make travel to amenities like schools, malls and industrial hubs convenient like;

Bottelary Road

Old Paarl Road

Brackenfell Boulevard


N1 north and south

Residents are spoilt for choice with a number of malls in the various suburbs like;

Faibridge Mall

Glengarry Shopping Centre

Capegate Lifestyle Centre

Take a tour of the homes in the suburbs of Brackenfell via the Myroof website.

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