How many permanent residents would it take to define a town a town or a village as a village? Well the math should be simple. One could safely assume that a village has a very limited amount of permanent residents and the Village of Boknesstrand meets the criteria completely. With only 250 permanent residents there is a real community spirit. What seems like a remote location is a major advantage as the crime rate in Boknesstrand is almost non-existent. The number of residents wanting to relocate to the village has increased and this is mainly due the higher crime stats which plague the larger towns and cities.

This reason is only one of many why people choose to take up residency in the quaint village. Then there is the absolutely spectacular undisturbed natural surrounding that is a common feature of the Wild Coast’s rolling hills and valleys which are vegetated by lush dense sub-tropical forests, the ocean and pearly white beaches.

The village is void of any large scale commercialization and industrialization which adds to the aesthetic appeal of the village and also adds to the utter tranquillity. Tranquillity and no crime is a factor which attracts a large number of pensioners to the village.

The property market of the village is quit sedate but once the economy starts turning there will be more residential development in Boknesstrand and this will bolster the current sales and stock availability.

For now the village property usage consists of freestanding homes, farms and vacant stands. The reasonably low cost or affordable value of vacant stands it is the perfect time to purchase a vacant plot and start constructing a dream residential or second holiday home.

For permanent residents with children attending schools there are town situated about 30 km away like Grahamstown or Port Alfred which is a minor inconvenience consider the lifestyle in the village.

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