Most of the suburbs in George are attractive and it is hard to put a finger on it as there are so many factors which one can attribute to this. It could be the lack of the high-pressured pace of larger cities, the undeniable natural beauty and the status many of the suburbs have attained. Truth is all these factors are what appeals to many home owners in the country. Who would not want to wake up with a mountain covered in a blanket of mist and the smell of fresh pine forests instead of city noise and the angst of city life?

One would expect the suburb of Bodorp to have a type of rundown character and there can be nothing further from the truth. Bodorp is a tranquil familial suburb with a mixed property usage which consists of freestanding homes, apartments and commercial properties. One then has to ask, what is it that has seen the property values in these suburbs show so much growth and the answer is simple. The whole country is looking for a place to settle down where the pace of life is more sedate, where the crime stats are much lower and homes are catering for the well-heeled without the prime costs of living in an estate.

The architecture of homes in the suburb tend to be more modern with a fair number of homes in the classic conventional spectrum which offers a larger home buyers’ market the chance to buy into the suburb.

As a residential suburb it has access to established reputable schools namely Vine Christian School, Outeniqua Primary School, Outeniqua High School, George High School and Holy Cross Primary School.

Naturally even a suburb like Bodorp would need malls to cater for retail and there are a number to choose from namely St Georges Square Shopping Centre, York Mall and George Walk Arcade.

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