Bloemhof in the North West Province paints a pretty picture with the spectacular nature and surroundings.

Diamonds were discovered here in 1864 and thus the town was established on the farm belonging to mariner, John Barclay, which was shipwrecked after his ship, the HMS Birkenhead ran aground in 1852.

The town was named Bloemhof (Flower Court) because of the gardens that Barclay’s daughter nursed around the home as her passion.

The town was originally established at the banks of the Vaal River and for good reason. The rich soil would yield profitable crops for farmers. The proximity of the river further improved the prospects of farming in the region as water was in abundance.

The North West Province has two major sources of sustainable income which are mining and agriculture. After that tourism is a mainstay with the bushveld nature attracting tourist in search of game viewing, water-sport, camping and hiking.

The Bloemhof Dam is a highly sought after fresh water fishing attraction with huge carp and barbel being caught in the Bonanza fishing competition held annually, and just for recreation. Game fishing is catered for at the Wolwespruit dam which is located further upstream from the Bloemhof dam. The dam also caters for sailing, white water rafting and swimming.

Further tourist attractions are:

· Vredefort Dome

· Wondergat

· SA Lombard nature reserve

Vredefort dome was formed by a meteorite which according to dating pegs the crater impact site age at over 2000 million years ago. It is thus reputed to be the oldest and largest impact site in the world.

The guest houses and lodges in Bloemhof are first class facilities which are great base-camps to use in the exploration of this region with all it has to offer.

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