Mist covered mountains, lush green vegetation and surrounded by exclusive estates like Mont Fleur Mountain Estate, Earls Court Lifestyle Estate, Fancourt Golf Estate and the Outeniqua Mountains as the backdrop will put you in the idyllic suburb of Blanco, meaning blank.

These world renowned estates do and will continue to have a positive growth impact on Blanco’s property values as residents will mimic the architecture and general lifestyle which is to begin with totally different from the rest of South Africa. The architecture is mixed with conventional, contemporary and current types of architecture which is found in estates thus catering for a large market. Cape Dutch homes are of course a steal, blending in with the cultural history and the nostalgia that comes with this cultural history.

Quiet and laid back are some of the catchphrases which are not even imposed on the region, it owns the definitions.

The suburb is classified as a middle-class residential suburb which is still being developed.

The suburb is also in a prime location with the same criteria being of importance as it would in any other residential suburb like easy access to commercial and retail hubs, schools and industrial hubs. Because the suburb and region does not have a large footprint, has their benefit. No congested freeways, short distances to reach destinations and there is a real sense of family and community unlike many other places.

The region and even the suburb rely heavily on the tourism industry as its primary source of income along with forestry, sea fisheries and the manufacture of wood furniture.

The dual use of property in the suburb means there is room for commercial use in the entertainment of hospitality industry like lodges and guest houses which will almost without a doubt be a good long-term capital generating investment.

The fact that there are still vacant stands available in the suburb is an option that should be considered when one wants to either build a family holiday home, residential home or even that retirement nest egg.

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