There are not many places that captivate and mesmerize like the Western Cape Garden Route. A drive along the meandering R44 coastal road proffers up the best pristine landscape and stretches of white beaches and cobalt blue seas imaginable. This road leads to Bettys Bay. The Overberg Coast, Kogelberg Mountains and the Hottentots-Holland Mountains Catchment Area are an overwhelmingly spectacular precursor for the town.

The colorful history and folk lore of this quaint fishing village holiday resort town will set an unrelenting yearning to return here at every opportunity. One such folk lore is the one that runaway slaves used to seek refuge here.

Up until the 1930’s Bettys Bay was a whaling station and the remains are now a museum.

Over the years this quaint town has become a prime holiday resort thus starting a developing town catering almost solely for this purpose. This means investors find great value and growth opportunity, if that is the intention. This is a town that grows on one which will make a holiday home a lifetime of stories for generations.

Taking a drive on the serviced municipal roads it becomes apparent that the homes are mostly exclusive and the sales values of homes mirror this sentiment.

The property usage is largely freestanding homes and then there is the commercial tourism property sector which offers an astute investor the opportunity to invest in a guest house or lodge. Vacant stands are possibly the best starting point for kind of venture as one can decide what to cater for as the tourism market is an almost untapped resource in the region all year round.

And for tourists there is a magnitude of activities on offer like scaling the 200m Blesberg Dune for sand surfing or a visit to Leopard’s Gorge Hiking Trail or the Harold Porter Botanical Garden and finally the white pearly beaches.

This is the ultimate tourist holiday property investment on the Garden Route.

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