The House of Bread (Beit Lechem), as its Biblical connotation and very apt name of the town of Bethlehem refers, is founded on the produce of wheat and grain related agriculture.

The town is located in the Free State province which is primarily agricultural and some mining which sustains towns in the greater Free State Province.

The town grew slowly as would be expected from towns removed from the requirements of large cities but it has expended to what it is today. It forms part of the cultural history of South Africa from the Anglo Boer War to present day and many of the heritage sites and architecture depicting the eras, has been restored and is now monuments.

The town has loads to offer and it is well established with all the amenities a large city offers in terms of services.

Schools are in place and some have amazing history. Some of the schools in Bethlehem include Aasvoëlkrans School, Bethlehem Secondary School, Caritas College, Crefeld Primary School and Golden Gate Academy.

There are also full operational malls catering for the resident's everyday needs in the town, including Bethlehem Mall as well as Dihlabeng Mall.

Tourists frequent Bethlehem to take in the unspoiled nature and fresh air. These destinations include the many heritage sites in and around Bethlehem, Basotho Cultural Village, Golden Gate National Park, Sterkfontein Dam Reserve and the Bethlehem Museum.

Property development has been in line with trends across South Africa which relates to stable growth in property value and architectural designs. Thus there is a demand for residential homes in Bethlehem and suburbs with a mixed use of properties from affordable to the exclusive and upmarket homes on a par with the suburbs across the Free State and other major cities.
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