Putting Benoni on the famous list is Charlize Theron who was born here.

Gold used to be Benoni's legacy. Although gold reserves in most of the East Rand are depleted, there is still a large industrial powerhouse within, making up part of Gauteng's GDP strength.

Benoni is a great area and includes the suburb Lakeview, where you will also find a lake. It is a tranquil place to take a stroll after a long day’s work and do some bird watching right in the middle of suburbia.

The houses in Benoni itself look like the old railway houses of the great depression. They have bay windows, red painted verandas and spacious living areas. Building standards were very high back in the day and it is evident in the quality of building of these old houses.

Benoni is also known for its horses, since there are more horses per square kilometre than anywhere in the southern hemisphere.

When driving around Lakeview, Northmead, Atlasville and Farrarmere, you will soon realise these are upmarket suburbs. Boasting the best property designs, one soon realises that it is the best money can offer. The general property value will not disappoint you.

Also known as the “City of Lakes”, this old area has streets named after British heroes. These include Cranbourne avenue, Harpur avenue and Elston avenue. These all form part of the old Benoni, and is in close proximity to Lakeside mall.

You can also take the picnic basket and enjoy a day at the dam with your family and friends, while overlooking powerboat racing. Alternatively, you can go to the famous bunny park with the children.

Benoni is for the family orientated family, where all can live in close proximity to one another.

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