The Lesotho Drakensberg Mountains make for a picturesque setting for Barkly East which is located in the Eastern Cape Province.

The town was established and proclaimed in 1874 by the presiding Cape Colony Governor Sir Henry Barkly, to which both Barkly East and West were named. Both towns split from the original town Wodehouse.

The first inhabitants to the region were the San people who set up shelter in the caves in the nearby Drakensberg Mountains and the evidence of this is still visible on the cave walls in the form of the art painting depicting their lives.

Tourism is the second stalwart in the region with attractions all year round to entertain tourists.

The town is located on a tributary of the Kraai River, the Langkloofspruit which is ideal for fly fishing of Rainbow trout and bass.

This is one of only a few towns which have outdoor winter and summer sport for adventurers. The Tiffindell Ski resort attracts tourists when the snow arrives, painting a picture similar to that of Switzerland. Some of the architecture in town which was designed by famous architect Sir Herbert Baker have been restored and preserved which is an attraction on its own.

Activities which attract tourists to the region are the Oakleigh Farm Dinosaur Tracks, Barkly East Museum, Barkly Pass, Bastervoetpad, Lundean’s Nek Pass, and the Mountain Bike Trails in the Wild Mountain Country.

Visiting the surrounding towns in Barkly East hold their own attractions and beauty. Visiting Rhodes and the Bell River Valley is well worth your time, as well as Elliot and the Gatberg Mountains which offer stunning views on hiking trails. There are also Dinorbin Rock paintings of the San people as well as the Mooi River Valley at Maclear.

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