The exclusivity of Ballito dates back quite a few years.

In 1954 the town was established as a private township by the Glen Anil Development Corporation. The 1954 Daily Tribune was advertising land for sale in Ballito at an astounding R790.00 for a plot. The plot sizes are not mentioned, but in those years they were known as Burgher stands that measured nothing less than 2000m2. The news paper brochure advertised Salt Rock, Willard Beach and Salmon Bay.

Advertisers and investors saw the potential of the Dolphin Coast to be a highly attractive holiday destination.

In 1964 the town planning of Compensation Beach had already incorporated stands for caravan parks, hotels and residential homes into it's town planning strategy.

Today, with world travel being a common practice, foreign holiday makers flock to places like Ballito, Salt Rock, Umhlanga and the exclusive Golf, Security and Lifestyle Estates that have become highly sought after for the quality, security and exclusivity they offer.

Other investors op for the less splashy properties which serve a dual purpose as holiday destinations and buy-to-let investments. Rental income derived from holiday destination properties is a lucrative and stable source of income and produces growth in terms of the property itself and then the increase in annual rental levies.

The other benefit that the attraction of Ballito affords is that more and more investors and residents want to be in Ballito for its scenery, location and growth. Developments are springing up everywhere and this is a positive driving factor in the pricing of property.

The climate of course is the other beneficial factor in making places like Ballito more attractive amongst locals and foreign investors.

For permanent residents the suburb offers all the important amenities that are custom for larger residential suburbs like commercial hubs, retail and industrial areas.

Whether you want permanent residency or a holiday property Ballito will reward your investment over time.

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