Considering that Bakoven means “baking oven” in Dutch then the name is befitting the suburb of Bakoven as this is where property is in the baking oven. Delicious and tempting, just as the baked treats out the oven.

Bakoven is another of Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard suburbs which is in high demand with local and foreign property investors.

Influence from its neighbours like Camps Bay and Clifton do play a small role in exposure of the market but they are different from Bakoven in the property values as Bakoven is in the more affordable range of prestigious properties.

For this reason the well-heeled have the option of investing in that ideal second holiday home and the major benefit being that apartments and freehold homes are in high demand as rental properties in an of peak holiday seasons with a major part of tourists also consisting of foreigners which means “top dollar” rates are not abnormal.

With the backdrop of Table Mountain this also becomes a contributing factor in the higher property values and then the more obvious factor being the spectacular views of the Atlantic and the beaches where many of the more exclusive homes are constructed on the waters’ edge adding to the dramatic allure of these properties.

Exposure of Bakoven as a property market is further enhanced by the exclusive hotels which attract scores of tourist all year round and once tourist have experienced the laid back cosmopolitan lifestyle that only Cape Town can offer.

The varied property usage will cater for most of the population as there are apartments, freehold homes, cluster homes and studio apartments which also mean there are some properties which are more affordable. Architecture in this instance has a role to play as the views are spectacular and the contemporary styles blend in perfectly with the Atlantic and the boulders strewn on the beach.

Take a tour of the homes in Bakoven via the Myroof web-site.

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