It is not always that simple to pin point the reason for suburbs to achieve their various statuses in the property market but that there are factors which drive the specific statuses is a foregone conclusion.

Some factors that contribute to a small degree of status is location and access to amenities like reputable or even prestigious schools, malls and entertainment venues and access to commercial and industrial hubs.

Aurora is a suburb of the greater Durbanville is the northern region of Cape Town. Now, when looking at the individual property values of properties sold in Aurora it is more than obvious that the suburb is prestigious. The Durbanville Hills offer spectacular views of the surrounding Wine Estates and valleys below. But this can surely not be the only factor that has given this appealing tranquil and familial suburb its status.

Then one could only take a closer look at the individual properties to come to the conclusion that these are spectacular architectural family homes which one could expect to find in lifestyle and security estates without the restrictions that govern these exclusive estates.

Palatial architectural homes with landscaped manicured gardens are aesthetically appealing and demand homes on sale to be explored from the inside. Tree lined sidewalks echo the familial orientation which is also defined by the number of schools close by.

The exclusivity is carried to the mixed property usage which consists of freestanding homes, townhouses, cluster homes, and for those with a flair for architecture and construction there are still a few pristine vacant stands available and some small gated complex townhouse apartments.

Prestigious schools catering for the well-heeled of Aurora are Durbanville High School, Stellenberg High School, Reddam House Durbanville and Fairmont High School.

The residents of Aurora are spoilt for choice when it comes to retail and entertainments needs with access to malls such as Ipic Aurora Shopping Centre, Tyger Valley Shopping Centre and Cobble Walk Shopping Centre.

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