Brackenfell in the northern suburbs of Cape Town has a number of its own suburbs which is an indication that there was a large scale growth into this region of Cape Town.

Many of the suburbs are well-established and others are still under a development phase. It is then very much a choice of where in a given suburb one would prefer to take up residency. The sales values for individual properties in Arauna would define the suburb as middle to upper-class suburb with apartments and townhouses making up a large part of the segment.

Arauna is one of the suburbs which are nearing the capacity of available land for developing. This would mean that a large market segment is catered for in this tranquil suburb from the single people, first-time buyers and established families.

Arauna is not as well-established as other Brackenfell suburbs, which is evident in the manicured gardens which are still taking root. Neat and manicured sidewalks have a pleasant appeal.

The mostly current to modern architecture will appeal to the younger generation and the property usage which consists of freestanding homes, apartments and townhouses does in some way mirror this sentiment.

Current surveys of all sorts have indicated that demand for homes in the various suburbs of the greater Brackenfell has increased in recent time and one could possibly link this to economically driven factors like high fuel prices and families not wanting to spend endless time on freeways.

Of course, the greater Brackenfell is serviced by a number of popular schools such as Brackenfell High School, Brackenfell Primary School, Stellenberg High School and Fairmont High School.

With the number of industrial hubs so close to Arauna one could deduce that, the suburb has the industrial sector as its core source of household income. These industrial hubs which include Brackenfell Industrial, Stikland Industrial and Bellville South Industrial are on the doorstep of the suburb without the real need to enter a freeway.

Malls catering for entertainment and retail needs are Fairbridge Mall, CapeGate Shopping Centre and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre.

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