Albertynshof is a well-established and upmarket suburb of the greater Kimberley. The lush gardens and tree-lined streets are a tranquil setting promoting family living.

Property values are high but there is a mixture of property use catering for starter families with townhouse complexes in the more affordable price range. Being a younger suburb means the architecture is from standard to modern and in-between.

As far as location is concerned, the suburb is in an ideal location in relation to the important amenities like industrial, commercial and retail hubs which are positive factors to consider whether buying or selling or renting for that matter.

The letting market likewise is a stable source of income with many people working on a contract basis at one of the mines.

The suburb of Albertynshof is part of an ever expanding metropolis.

Centered on the mining industry means there are a number of industrial hubs which are geared to service the mines thus making it a self-sustaining town.

There are a number of popular schools which cater for the masses like: Newton Primary School, Hoerskool Adamantia and Northern Cape High School to mention a few. The new Sol Plaatje University means learners can enroll close to home saving money on dorm costs. There are a number of colleges in and around the suburb too.

Malls close to the suburb are the Diamond Mall, Cell C Mall North Cape and Diamond Pavilion Mall putting retail on the doorstep for convenience.

The suburb is near to the BJ Vorster Airport and Kimberley Aiport which makes travel further afield very convenient.

For tourists there is more than enough to keep busy and there are a number of guest houses and B&B’s which could be viewed as an alternative use of property with an extra income.

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