Germiston is included in the greater heart of South Africa’s giant industrial sector. Towns like Germiston have been in existence since the discovery of gold and this progress brought with it the establishing of more suburbs and more residential property with a majority of residents servicing the industrial sector as sustainable income.

Albemarle is one of Germiston’s middle-class suburbs which has a lot to offer as far as property, property values and usage goes.

Due to the prime location of Albemarle it goes without say that demand for homes in the suburb is high. The suburb will also appeal to a wide age group which is in part ascribed to the property usage which consists of freehold homes, townhouses, cluster homes and apartments.

Townhouses are the ideal entry-level properties for young couples and single people to enter the property market in and this could then at a later stage become an income generating investment within the rental market as demand for townhouses are high due to their affordability.

Cluster homes which are full-title homes in a secure complex offer a sense of exclusivity and will serve younger families and young couples in the upper end of the middle-class income spectrum.

Freehold homes are spacious due to the fact that the suburb is well-established or old and homes that are older were generally built with space in mind and when construction costs were not an issue as it is today given the financial constraints on budgets.

The mixed architecture will appeal to a large market as the mixture consists of conventional yet functional and well-proportioned homes and then homes that kept up with changing period architecture and then the norm of a contemporary architecture of today.

Albemarle has a number of popular schools servicing the region such as Laerskool Elandia, Dinwiddie High School and Afrikaanse Hoerskool Germiston.

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