One should always be careful to judge a book by its cover. In the property market, there are factors by which suburbs are assessed such as location, the aesthetics of the suburb and location.

On the subject of location, this is very much a relative term as infrastructure now allows fast convenient access to various amenities for any given suburb.

This is very much true for the suburb of Akasia situated in the northern region of Pretoria. This highly sought after familial suburb is actually in a prime location given the amenities surrounding the suburb such as popular and reputable schools, malls and easy access to commercial and the major industrial hubs.

High ways and major roads which actually confirm the prime location of Akasia are the N4 east and west which then connects to the N1 north and south and then the many minor roads within the suburb.

The suburb of Akasia then offers the same as any other suburb such as a mixed architecture and mixed property usage. Both these factors stem from the development of the suburb with the architecture being an archive of development and the property usage and ever changing product of demand. This means the entire market is catered for which consists of first-time buyers, medium sized families, the executives and pensioners.

Sectional title developments are setting the trend in the suburb with many of the newer developments located in the now norm of security estates. Freestanding homes set their own trend of architecture consisting of the conventional to the modern both of which have an effect on the general property value in the suburb.

Being a well-established but developing suburb means residents have access to public schools such as Hoerskool Akasia, Laerskool Akasia, Cvo Magalies School and Charlton Vos College of Education.

There are more than enough malls catering for retail and entertainment needs such as Amandagsig Shopping Centre and Wonderpark Shopping Centre.

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