Geographically Table Mountain extends all the way to Agulhas in the Overberg region of the Western Cape. This is the southernmost point of Africa where the two oceans, the India and Atlantic meet to create some of the most dangerous ocean waters of the oceans.

The Overberg region is also a high volume tourist destination of the Cape, with a year round tourist market. For this reason towns like Agulhas have been highly sought after as second holiday homes in a resort town environment.

Agulhas is a picturesque town set on limestone hills amongst the rare and protected fynbos which is synonymous with the Western Cape and to add to the quaint setting is the mixed architecture in Agulhas which in part is to maintain some semblance of historic value of the Dutch Settlers and the architectural styles of Cape Dutch homes. The architecture has over time been evolving and this brought the more contemporary designs to Agulhas and has also increased the value of property ion the town.

Vacant land in Agulhas can be purchased at very reasonable prices considering the popularity of the town as a holiday destination. Hence it is one of the ideal situations to invest in the town which is expanding and will continue to do so as demand and popularity increases.

The mixture of architectural designs has also brought a varied market value to properties which translate to middle to upper-class resort holiday destination.

Agulhas is in a prime location to serve as a base from which to explore the scenery, nature trails, beaches and the various historical sites associated with the region like the many shipwreck along this treacherous coastline.

The beachhead in the town is reasonably flat and this offers spectacular views on the two Oceans and the seasonal whale migration.

Agulhas is the prime town to invest in that long awaited second holiday home.

Take a tour of the homes in Agulhas, Overberg Region, via the Myroof web-site.

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