Have you ever wondered why a specific address is, for example, Hill Street 458A and 458B?

Maybe you have invested in a property through an auction, and you don't know what you wish to do with the property. Do you renovate the existing property? Or do you do something radical and develop the property yourself? Have you considered subdividing the property for residential use?

Here are some pointers as to how the process works and which authorities to approach:

Keep in mind that this is process takes some time, but has financial rewards.

  • Firstly you will apply with your local authorities and they will determine whether your property may in fact be subdivided. The local council has criteria it has to adhere to in terms of the Land Survey Act (8 of 1997).
  • Once the approval has been granted, you need to enlist the services of a land surveyor whom will submit the proposed subdivision to the necessary authorities. There are many regulations that need to be strictly adhered to due to the construction infringes on servitudes that are in place. This could create problems at a later stage if you wish to sell the property.
  • The appointed land surveyor will submit these plans, diagrams and the survey to the local authorities.
  • These servitudes are sewerage lines or storm water pipes, inspection covers or building restriction lines.
  • Your appointed land surveyor will place beacons for you to develop in as stipulated by the authorities. These are specific to your property.
  • The deeds office also has to be notified of the amendments to the property. Your attorney will be involved in lodging the new deed against the property, and also in a case where you wish to sell off the remaining portion of the property.
  • Once all these conditions have been met, you may proceed developing the property.

This is a definite way to generate income from your existing property, should you wish to let the newly built property out. Alternatively you can sell the divided property since it has a separate deed registered against it. Local authorities welcome this kind of development as it promotes population density values.

Details from MEH Land Surveyors

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