You have done all the necessary calculations, and you can afford that improved property.

What is the process you are faced with?

You have my empathy, this is an emotional journey, selling all your fond memories, the garden you designed from scratch, the children at their first day of school. All is not lost. There are new, better memories waiting to be lived.

Here is a brief list and tips on what to expect and plan for:


Have you established the correct selling price? If you are not sure then I would advise you to employ the services of a property valuator. This is their field of expertise, and you will not prolong the sale of your property.


Your home is still your pride. If the garden needs some attention, the gutters need cleaning, as well as all the small tedious tasks which are outstanding, now would be the time to do them. A happy home attracts and sells. No one wants to be with a doom-and-gloom prophet.


A picture tells a story. Whether you employ the services of an agent or if you decide to sell privately, spend time on presentation. Capture the essence of the love you have for your home on photos. Post them on the Myroof website, with your free listing. Yes, no commission is charged!


Look at your life schedule. Are you too busy to be at hand to show perspective buyers your property? Then you should have an assistant help you in selling your property – An agent will do this for you at a commission fee. You will also need to appoint a transferring attorney. If you want to personally see the process through, then you should consider listing your property with Myroof. You can then also decrease the asking price, since you will be saving on commission, which will assist you in the selling of your property.


As the seller of the property, you need to appoint a transferring attorney. Are you selling privately or are you going to employ the services of an agent? Put effort into the photo's of your property since this will assist you in the marketing. Who will assist if you are not available? What times can the property be viewed?


You have successfully sold your property and have moved into your new home. Invite you friends and don't forget to invite yourself to your welcoming party. You deserve it.

At Myroof, we pride ourselves in our service, and we will assist you to sell your current property at no commission. Furthermore we will help find your new Dream Home and assist you with the best bond advice and rates. We are the easy list and manage property site.

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