Every property sold or purchased in South Africa requires this documentation before a deed of sale can be effected.

In accordance with the National Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1983, every household has to conform to the requirements as set out in the various laws.

The law has amended the requirements and now express that it is the responsibility of the seller to furbish and pay for the following certificates upon the sale of the property.

Gas Installation Certificate

Gas braais, stoves and integrated heating systems will require this certificate. There is no exclusion of installation date requirement for certificates to be issued. The moment your property is in the process of being sold, the appliance or appliances require a certificate irrespective of the age. Only persons registered with the Liquid Petroleum Association of Southern Africa are permitted to issue such a certificate after inspection.

Electrical Compliance Certificate

The quality and conformity of the electrical installation and safety is tested. A new certificate has to be issued every time an installation is changed or altered. If the installation change does not conform to legal requirements the certificate can be revoked by the Chief General Inspector. The person undertaking the inspection must be registered with the Chief Electrical Inspector. If an inspection certificate is older than two years a new certificate has to be obtained.

Electric Fence Installation Certificate

This is a new requirement by the National Occupational and Safety Act, and applies to installations after 1 October 2012. This certificate is a standard requirement now when a property is sold, and will need to be available before the deed of sale can be effected.

It is thus advisable to ensure that all installations are done and conform to the National Occupational Health and Safety Act before your property goes on sale in order to exclude or rectify any problems.

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