With the many repossessions taking place in South Africa, the market has reached a point where property has become relatively cheap. This is good news for would-be owners, enabling them to get their hands onto repossessed properties at a good price.

Furthermore, there are many repossessed properties available to choose from. With so many repossessed properties available, combined with the market remaining over-supplied, you have a choice of different properties, prices and sizes to choose from.

You as a would-be owner need to take advantage of this situation. Keep in mind that repossessed properties bought on auction are usually sold for well-below their market value, making this even more affordable. Imagine the capital gain you can achieve when buying on auction!

Myroof differs from normal on-site auctions in the way that you do not need to put down a deposit in order to participate in the online auction. When you are the highest bidder, you will be informed where after you will be requested to transfer the deposit

With the auctions of repossessed properties still on a rise, there ought to be a big expansion in this sector during 2012. This will result in an even bigger over-supply of properties

With all this advantages when buying on auction, can you afford to not go and see what is available?

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