Making the momentous decision to buy property in a retirement village is not one that should be taken lightly. Retirement villages and estates have been developing nation-wide at a rapid pace, creating great opportunities for investors and retirees alike. For those planning to buy in a retirement village or estate, it is vital to consider all the options and whether all the facilities and amenities you may need are available at the particular village or estate.

It is vitally important to make sure you purchase your home or apartment from a reputable developer, and to ensure that the developer is financially sound. In this same vein it is also important to find out if the monthly levies - payable at all retirement estates – are well within your budget. Find out if the village or estate has a value-for-money levy system that will ensure stability and minimize excessive increases. As with any property purchase, ensure that you understand your purchase agreement completely.

Downsizing one’s lifestyle and home is a major step and a considerable adjustment, so it is vital that those moving to retirement villages mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for the upheaval to minimize the stress involved.

One of the best ways to do this is to plan early and place your name on waiting lists for villages, estates or developments that meet your requirements. You can also consider taking up residence in the retirement village before you would technically have to, in order to enjoy the full range of facilities, activities and conveniences that these accommodations offer. Quite often you will be able to enjoy the leisure activities and sense of community that is fostered in these residences, as well as the healthcare facilities, safety and security that become more important as time goes on.

Once you entire your golden years, you have earned the right to live your life in an easy and comfortable environment. The ideal retirement residences should provide cleaning, gardening and maintenances services, so residents don’t have to worry about such daily hassles.

It is therefore very important for potential buyers to investigate the set-up of the facilities at a retirement estate - paying particular attention to the healthcare facilities. Ensure that these facilities are functional and will be easily maintainable in the long term.

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