This week we're starting a brand new weekly blog on MyRoof.co.za called: "Private Property of the Week" What we're intending to do is to have a look at the 10 properties that were viewed most frequently during that specific week and doing an analysis on one of them. If you are interested in which properties are viewed most often, which properties were added most recently, which properties are suitable for investors, or newly weds, or pensioners etc, you need to discover the LIFESTYLE SEARCH option which is shown below: MyBuying>LifestyleSearch


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But enough about what "private property of the week" is about, let's get to the actual most viewed properties for the week ending 21 January 2009.

Number Region Sale Price Letting Price Type
MR09310 WCape - South & Garden Route 1400000 n/a Land
MR13312 Gauteng - South East 455000 n/a Simplex
MR22308 WCape - South & Garden Route 1800000 n/a House
MR21255 Gauteng - West 550000 n/a Simplex
MR60271 Capetown - West Coast 765000 n/a House
MR24316 Pretoria - North n/a 6000 House
MR20316 WCape - South & Garden Route n/a 4900 House
MR60283 Centurion - East 590000 n/a Duplex
MR01311 WCape - South & Garden Route 2000000 n/a Land
MR08316 Centurion - East 900000 n/a House

There are a couple of things which is quite interesting about this list. Firstly, it's very interesting that the property which attracted the most interest in this week was a piece of land in Somerset West in the Western Cape. The erf is quite large (and so is the asking price), but luckily for the seller it seems that property and land in the Western Cape is still in high demand, especially by foreigners. There are two pieces of land for sale privately in the top ten for this week, both in the Western Cape - looks like there are still buyers looking for vacant land if you have it in the right area!

The property I'd like to delve into slightly deeper this week (I'll do a more thorough investigation on next weeks property of the week) is a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house in Pierre van Ryneveld which is for sale for R900 000,00. Pierre van Ryneveld lies on the eastern border of Centurion and resides right next to Monument park and the Waterkloof air force base. It has direct access to the R21 highway leading to Pretoria city center if you're heading North and to OR Tambo international airport if you're heading South. You can access the N1 highway via the R21 or via Rigel off ramp. This is a great neighborhood with lots of green areas on all sides as well as the brand new Irene mall which has proven to be a heaven for kids with it's water feature play area. But let's get to this house MR08316:

The average house in Centurion East that is listed for sale on MyRoof.co.za is priced at R1 473 151,51

The average house in Centurion East that is listed as sold on MyRoof.co.za is priced at R1 495 863.63

(which is higher than the properties not sold - this figure is usually lower than the houses that are still for sale. We don't find this unbelievable as the property market is in a slump at the moment and people are willing to sell their properties for less.) The average is much higher than this property because we find a lot of upmarket estates in this area like Irene Farm Villages where properties are very expensive. Properties currently take an average of 124 days to sell in this area, however MR12219 was sold in 49 days and yet offers more or less the same features and look round about the same general age.

From the floor plan of MR08316 we can see that this house was built in the classic 3 bedroom 2 living area style of the 70's and 80's on a big erf and there is definitely room for expansion if needs be. All bedrooms as well as the living room faces north which is great. The kitchen seems to be newly refurbished with nice wooden cabinets but is not open plan, however the western wall could be easily removed. I'd personally phone the painter first to change the exterior colour, but all in all the area and price seems fair. I'm giving this property a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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