This week I'd like to spend some time discussing the property of the week, which is a 3 bedroom house in Montana that is to let for R6000 per month. If you're not sure what the "Private Property of the Week" category is about, feel free to have a look at last weeks private property of the week blog post to get an idea of how we decide which property to evaluate. The post also explains how to use MyRoof.co.za's Lifestyle Property Search function to view the property of the week for a certain area etc.

But before we begin, as always (or as last week to be more precise) here is the list of most viewed properties for the week ending 28 January 2009:

Number Region Sale Price Letting Price Type
MR60271 Capetown - West Coast 765000 n/a House
MR13312 Gauteng - South East 455000 n/a Simplex
MR21255 Gauteng - West 550000 n/a Simplex
MR24316 Pretoria - North n/a 6000 House
MR20316 WCape - South & Garden Route n/a 4900 House
MR17280 Capetown - Northern Suburbs 3500000 n/a House
MR20307 Capetown - Southern Suburbs 1200000 n/a House
MR37291 Pretoria - East 680000 n/a House
MR59270 Johannesburg - Central West 650000 n/a House
MR04287 WCape - South & Garden Route 550000 n/a Land

It's interesting to note that half of th properties in this list were also in the list last week, but we've got a new number one. It's a lovely 2 bedroom cottage in Sunningdale in Cape town. The owner, Allan has listened to our advice and added some great owner notes which has helped pull the views. The property is also reasonably priced for a house in this area and I expect Allan to find a buyer quickly.

Getting back to our property of the week, a 3 bedroom house for sale in Montana. The reason I chose this house is to demonstrate a few MyRoof.co.za features you might not be familiar with. You can let your property for free on MyRoof.co.za in three simple steps as Corrie, the owner of this house did. The first two steps are basically to list your property in the letting section as demonstrated below:


The last step would be to add photos of your rental property by clicking on the link provided at the end of step 2. You can also alternatively add owner notes to your property for rent to add additional information about the property that is not visible on the photos. Take note that rental properties do not include floor plans as properties for sale do.

Getting back to the property, it's a pity that Corrie did not include more photos or add a owners notes as this would have given a possible buyer a better idea of what to expect. What we can see from the pictures included is that this is quite a new property with a very beautiful garden that is well maintained. Montana is a lovely area in the North of Pretoria with temperatures a degree or two warmer than properties south of the mountain. With a little more trouble I'm sure Corrie will find him a tenant willing to pay R6000 which I believe is reasonable yet at the upper scale of the market. This price will make a lot more sense if this property is in one of the estates located in the Montana area, but unfortunately we don't have this information.

Bottom line: Feel free to list your property to let on MyRoof.co.za for free and be sure to get a lot of views and a tenant, but be sure to add as much information as possible to make the decision to rent your property easy for a possible tenant.

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