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Woodhill Estate – situated within the heart of Pretoria’s prestigious eastern suburbs, this beautifully constructed residential estate see the incorporation of modern city vibrancy with quaint country lifestyle, culminating in a glorious salute to the South African home owners dream. The philosophy behind Woodhill is to allow for that forgotten sense of community, while still affording residents the feeling of safety, security and privacy within the estate walls. This gorgeous development incorporates many arcadian-style features that one would not expect to find amongst the hustle and bustle of a suburban stretch of the country’s capital city, such as streams, lakes and park-like walkways that give the impression of being in one’s own enclave of an enchanted wood. This metaphor is further perpetuated by the sheer number of exquisitely cultivated and maintained trees and shrubs that abound the estate. 

The stately manner in which Woodhill comports itself as an enterprise as much as a place of residence is replicated by its surrounding amenities in every way. Take, for example, the numerous schools that stand testament to the quality of the area in which they are found. Of the highest levels of excellence, the educational institutes of Pretoria’s prestigious eastern suburbs produce only the finest young men and women – leaders in a world that craves leadership. Specifics, you ask for? I shall oblige. 

Woodhill Estate stands synonymous with the time honoured establishment known as Woodhill College. Perhaps the most striking feature of the school is the proximity of the college campus and the estate itself – quite simply, there is none. Woodhill College is situated within the grounds of Woodhill Estate, which certainly bodes well for parents. Getting up hours in advance is a thing of the past, as every house within the confines of the estate is within walking distance of the distinguished establishment. This celebrated academic institute embodies the feeling of excellence that we all seek in school selection, coupled with enormous emphasis modern technology. Parents may rest assured that their children are sure to stay up to date with the latest trends and tricks when it comes to information technology and computer literacy skills. Woodhill College, of course, does not plan for its students to spend their lives indoors and in front of a screen. A colourful and varied sports and extra-curricular program ensures that the engineers of tomorrow’s society keep as fit physically as they do mentally. Furthermore, a community development program, in keeping with the schools attitude towards holistic growth, see students giving back to the environment in which they thrive. 

Hatfield Christian Church is perhaps one of the grandest establishments in the province, if not the country. Visible from afar, it boasts facilities of royal proportion, and extends the religious philosophy of learning to epic lengths, as seen in the establishment of its very own, highly private academy – Hatfield Christian School. Spanning pre-primary to matric, students experience no interruption in their pursuits of academic greatness, and professional, social and religious ties are maintained throughout their schooling career as they flow meticulously from one grade to the next. Almost effortless seems the ease in which students advance with regards to socio-economic promotion both pre- and post-graduation.  The well rounded nature of tuition received ensures the skills necessary for ascension of alumni to the top of their respective fields, said tuition found both formally and informally within classrooms and upon the highest quality sports fields, as proactivity is instilled in pupils in opposition to the reactive nature inherent of today’s society. In short, scholars are inspirited to think for themselves. With a diverse population of 690, numbers ensure that attendees are assured of close one-on-one educational relationships with teachers, yet still feel part of a larger community.

At a school where the motto reads “Protect and Provide”, one can expect nothing less than the most nurturing, the healthiest environment in which to enrol their loved ones.

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 Woodhill Estate too, values choice and individuality, and in keeping with this ideology, certainly promotes the proximity of more than one school. Not ironically, individuality is found in no more abundance that at Abbotts College. Abbotts is a senior higher educational institute renowned for its attention to personal distinctiveness and eccentricity of its students. Both mainstream and alternative subjects are taught as part of a revised curriculum, said alternative subjects extending so far as to even include hospitality and culinary skills, the latter  with nothing but the latest and best in fully stocked, state of the art kitchens at the disposal of those striving to achieve master chef status. 

If you believe it impossible for any other school to reach the bar set by previous descriptions of educational brilliance, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by yet another gem of the area – I speak, of course, of Doxa Deo. A school that surpasses all expectations in terms of educational and ethical responsibilities, Doxa Deo, like Hatfield Christian School, oversees the movement of students from their earliest beginnings to the cusp of adulthood, as students, parents and teachers alike enjoy the benefits of a fully-fledged 13 level schooling construct, from grade “R” all the way up to the twelfth and final year of student’s schooling lives. Preparations for the learner’s specific needs are made and met right from the start, as basic mathematics and literacy is taught within the pre-primary setting of the school, in readying them for the first grade and beyond.

 Still not convinced? Very well, caution is no doubt inherent of the modern parent. It is completely understandable that you would weigh your options in every possible light before committing to one school or another. In response, we say: Cradle to Crayons Private Nursery School. A fun and stimulating atmosphere, this toddler friendly prequel to the first grade lays claim to an enhanced and comprehensive early tuition program as well as extra-curricular activities, both individual and team-focused in nature. Even the performing arts are realised within the school, through studies in music and dance, meaning that your child’s mind, much a like a blank canvas awaiting an artist’s first brush stroke, will be exposed to the vibrant colours and unrivalled beauty that is Cradle to Crayons.

It has become clear that in today’s ever changing urban landscape, finding a house is not simply about “finding a house” anymore. It is about finding a setting that is right for your children, a work environment befits the needs of you and your spouse, and a lifestyle tailored to your family’s specific needs. Woodhill Estate has, both in location and in construction, met all the criteria for healthy personal and familial growth, and then some. In closing we say to you: 

Choose your house, choose your home. Choose Woodhill Estate, also offering one of the finest Estate Golf Courses in the East of Pretoria – Woodhill Golf Course

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