Woodhill, an Overview

Woodhill – Kind of exactly what it is if you think about it, a “wooded hill”, albeit with some of the finest in housing options ever witnessed by man-(and women) kind. Trees aside - and they’re pretty hard to negate when it comes to their presence, standing several stories tall, overlooking the green pastures beneath, their shade providing protection from the scorching summer heat, their girth giving shelter from the bitter icy winds of winter – but yes, those trees aside, properties in Woodhill Estate stand to be, in all honesty, one of the best investments you could ever make when it comes to real estate, and here’s why:

Security at Woodhill is reminiscent of scenes from the Bourne Ultimatum – except perhaps without the explosions. Nevertheless, Woodhill Estate has taken every conceivable measure to ensure your absolute safety and peace of mind when it comes to your security, and the security of your family. What with the latest in I swear to god surveillance equipment that must come directly from the military (yes it’s that awesome), the men and women that have been entrusted with your wellbeing are not ones too break their word. With steel-alloy gates - their intimidation certainly extending far beyond the first visual encounter -, 24 hour first and third person surveillance - the latter accomplished through the use of high-resolution infra-red cameras placed strategically throughout the grounds – and roving patrols within the enclosure, ensuring that help is only moments away should an alarm be raised, and not mentioning the array of motion sensors, their robotic eyes not soon fooled with cheap tricks and underhanded ploys at stealth, it’s no wonder that residents within Woodhill experience the kind of bliss that they do when it comes to matters of personal and estate protection.

Security, however, is certainly not Woodhill Estate’s only priority. For what good is it living within the well-guarded grounds if you are not able to enjoy them to the fullest? It is perhaps for this reason that the enclosure is but one of two in the entire capital that sees the incorporation of its very own- no wait that’s a pretty anti-climactic way of introducing it: Ladies and gentlemen of the land, I give you Woodhill Golf Course and Country Club...yeah that’s definitely a better, for the grounds upon which club is swung and ball is moved deserves an introduction worthy of the facilities upon which it is played – and what an experience awaits upon the 18-hole professional course that has seen many a tournament grace its grounds with game and glory. The course is open to all residents of the area, the green lawns manicured to perfection and the course itself providing challenging yet enjoyable play for the professional and amateur alike.

It would be understandable that, now having purchased a property and settled in front of the plasma, X-box controller in hand, the HALO logo upon the screen, that you may never want to leave your couch again. Most unfortunately, human physiology dictates that people must ingest nutrients to survive (and eradicate the waste material in culminates in, but that’s why PSP and magazines exist) which ultimately means getting up off that oh-so-comfortable leather cushion and venturing out into the world to partake on that global tradition of shopping – yet this isn’t the kind of shopping that makes you want to pull you hair out with one hand while beating in the windscreen of the car that just snaked your parking with the other (trust me, I know that feeling all too well), no this is the kind of shopping that allows you to hold frozen yoghurt while browsing the aisles in your favourite stores for sought after local and international brands alike, before doing the needed groceries, the supermarket section indeed looking as though it were a farm in Narnia, such is the freshness of the produce provided. For in its construction, the estate was certainly selfless when it came to its placement with regards to the Woodhill amenities that lie within its proximal radius. Live at Woodhill, and the very finest of everything you need and want will be within grasping distance, couches and game consoles a distant memory…

I doubt there is anything that anybody can say that will convince you to the point of certainty that any property is “the one” for you. Buying a house isn’t simply about purchasing land with a few bricks stacked in neat rows, regardless of how exquisite the architecture. It means entering into a life on behalf of your family, a place where only the very best should be provided for their wellbeing and growth. It means knowing that they are safe, no matter what time of day or night it is, and resting peacefully in the knowledge that you have done everything within your power to provide only the very best for your loved ones

As I said, no one can tell you where to look to find the familial paradise you crave.

We can only point you in the right direction, as Woodhill Estate’s entrance glistens, beckoning in the distance.

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