The Wilds – an apt description given the kind of lifestyle that the resident’s within the estate are offered. And no, I don’t mean that they go crazy every night and throw huge parties reminiscent of Project X (I swear I’m going to do that one day) – that only happens about once a week. I’m talking about the kind of life that is available through the stunning array in amenities and facilities that the Wilds is able to lay claim to, the gorgeous safety and security factors that are inherent of the estate and, quite simply, the layout that has every contractor, engineer and architect for miles drooling over the perfect and precise finish of the this exquisite slice of heaven, an Eden to mankind – except he won’t be thrown out of this one.

The landscape that surrounds the estate remains unchanged, a testament to the pride that we as a society have for our country and the natural rugged splendours that it possesses. Greens and reds and browns of the surrounding area give it  a near magical sensation with regards to its aesthetic value, the evening sunlight playing upon the colours as though a symphony at Carnegie Hall – trust me, this isn’t an exaggeration, I’ve seen first-hand how well the views from beyond the walls compliment the built environment within, the latter seeing architectural brilliance which is surely behind the popularity of The Wilds within those who relish in the glow of modern techniques in property construction.

Worried about security at the Wilds? That worry is about as useful as glass of water in the Sahara. The Wilds Estate makes the safety of its residents its number one concern, seen in its use of the very latest and greatest in surveillance technology and personalised security methods. Those who stand at the helm of this operation in safeguarding are the very best of the best, with extensive on and off the job experience. The regular changing of shifts means that no one will ever succumb to the effects of fatigue – for there can be no dulling of the senses when it comes to the game of protection. 24 hour watch is maintained throughout the enclosure through the use of high-resolution and infra-red cameras; motion sensors placed around perimeter of the enclosure ensures that nothing and no one approaches the walls, said walls topped with high voltage electrical wiring, without the guard detail knowing about it, and regular patrols that frequent the well-lit streets ensures that help is but a few seconds away, at any time.

As for your daytime activities, The Wilds stands in excellent proximity to some of the finest in shopping experiences, seen in the many lifestyle centres found within the eastern suburbs of Pretoria. Woodlands Boulevard, the place for those looking for a serene atmosphere in which to fulfil their purchasing wants and needs, provides an excellent choice in restaurants and cafes, when the need to put one’s feet up and take a break from the troubles and stressors of life becomes too great to ignore (not that it ever will, you live in The Wilds for goodness sakes, the word vacation is defined by your lifestyle). As for The Grove? Well, as with the Wilds, any name that is prefixed with “The” certainly must deliver on the promised experience – and this is no exception, for walking through those doors you would think you were entering a palace of the ancients, such is the attention to detail seen in the marble and oaken finish that compliments the hundreds of stores that stand ready to meet your every shopping need. The list goes on, as the amenities of The Wilds do their utmost to ensure your stay within the east is as enjoyable as any other.

Yet there does seem to be one such “amenity” that requires special mention. For it is with no slight humility that the Woodhill Golf Course imposes itself on the world – and why should it? A course of this nature deserves to be seen in all its glory, and played upon with every ounce of energy that can be mustered by the amateur and professional golfer alike. Mere minutes away from the entrance to The Wilds, residents of both estates are able to enjoy the class and splendour that comes with playing on the 18-hole championship course, proven challenging yet exciting, nay, invigorating for players of every age, gender and calibre.

There aren’t many words within the English language that can be used to describe the sheer beauty in term so the quality of life that await should you choose to make Houses for Sale in The Wilds your home. Come to think about it, there isn’t enough English in the English language to do that. The only way to truly grasp what could be yours, is to live it. And what a life it is.

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