The Meadows Estate Amenities

A stretch of natural South African beauty, this rugged terrain has been expertly morphed into a home owners dream without losing the worn and weather beaten splendour that the landscape exhibits. A real gem of the province, instead of attempting to force change upon an area in order to resemble what is thought to be desired, the architects of this magnificent estate decided to work with what was given to them by nature, and in doing so have established an unrivalled relationship with the surrounding environment - no doubt augmenting it with personal and unique concepts of beauty, yet still staying with the ideal of an African homestead – the flavours, the colours, the smells, all enticing the senses to appeal to any and everyone who passes through the walled marvel and glimpses the properties of the Meadows Estate.

Certainly one of the most unique aspects of The Meadows Estate is the way in which indigenous vegetation is allowed to flourish naturally , lending to the feeling of not being within a “housing enclosure”, but perhaps some far removed game reserve, unspoiled and untouched – one’s own private enclave under African skies. Water flora flourishes, unchecked amongst the estates water features, as bird and insect life is drawn to the wetland-like macrocosm, almost an oasis amongst the tarred roads and tall buildings of the capital city.

The estate, though certainly grand, does not, and perhaps, cannot stand alone in claiming credit for the lifestyle it offers. It must be understood that modern living is a product of several factors, said factors influencing our emotions and ease of being, both consciously and unconsciously. For example, one does not notice the 40 minute commute to one’s place of work, or the traffic that is to be endured within the dropping of the kids at school, the struggle of finding time to visit a shopping centre to refuel on life’s necessities or the longing for a moment to one’s self, to enjoy doing, very simply put, what one enjoys doing - all of this goes unnoticed, until our needs in the aforementioned categories are splendidly met.

To start our description of heaven on earth, we look to the stunning grounds that is Silver Lakes Golf Course. This gorgeous stretch of land bears testament to the ability of man and – well let’s not call it beast, for nothing so appealing, so alluring, could be considered beastly. It will rephrased thusly: This gorgeous stretch of land indeed bears testament to the ability of man and natural beauty to co-exist, in mutual benefit – for where would a golfer be without his or her golf course? And where would the stunning display of passion be without said man or woman to cultivate, to nurture the exquisite lawns that allow for the perfect, onto-the-green swing? This slice of paradise exists within that radius of Pretoria’s prestigious eastern suburbs, and certainly affords all who will have it the golfing opportunity of a lifetime

Need a change of scenery, yet not willing to compromise on the quality of Golf at Silver Lakes? Woodhill Country Club golf course is perhaps the only facility south of the equator to rival Silver Lakes in quality, size, and spectacular craftsmanship in terms of the design and finish of the 18-hole professional level golf course. Though beautiful in its scenery and greenery (and yes, I am perfectly aware that I rhymed), the course proves challenging for both the novice and veteran golfer alike, promising to provide hours of focused entertainment as you hone your skills to the curves and corners of every green.

Yes, golf is all fine and well (it really is though), but there comes a time when one needs to put down the club and pick up the keys, the drudgery of crawling through a mall to purchase those needed items beckons with malevolent arms.

Or does it?

Personally, I doubt there is anything malevolent about the class and essence of locations such as Woodlands Boulevard and Parkview Centre, both standing as stunning examples of how traditional perceptions of what we “have” to do have become what we “want” to do, the vast array of almost every product conceivable found in the scores of world famous name brand stores there to cater to our every want and need. And these are merely two of the many lifestyle centres that abound the area, Boardwalk Lakeside, Hazeldean Square and Menlyn Retail Centre to name but a few more – in short, your choice is limitless and ever expanding, the latter seen in the new addition to the area in the form of The Grove - from ice skating to deluxe cinematic experiences, you may thank us later.

Feeling for something a little more “out of the way”? Something that speaks to the quiet nature of those that call The Meadows home – a safari experience, a game drive perhaps? I understand your apprehension, you want something a little closer to home – there’s no way a fully-fledged safari park exists in suburban Pretoria, right? In an answer to that question, it is with great pleasure that I inform you of your complete and utter lack of “rightness”. Farm Inn reserves the right to astound and amaze as one of Pretoria foremost wildlife sanctuaries, and situated in the heart of Pretoria east it stands to provide the kind of picturesque views and gorgeous encounters that are the stuff of foreign myths and legends

To reiterate my original point, an estate may be built anywhere, by anyone, at any time – but it takes vision and foresight to construct a residential complex that compliments its surrounding area with such a strength and vitality that it refuses to be ignored: 

By homeowners. By me. By you.

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