Sterling Silver at Silver Lakes

I’m going to paint you a word picture – mostly because I like using big words, but also because I think it may help get my point across.

The soothing, sultry sounds of – no I’m kidding, no one uses that much alliteration in the first sentence. But in all honesty, ahem:

Imagine, if you will, standing at a gate. It is beautiful, of wrought iron, strung out into patterns that entice the curious mind to contemplate it, yet still formidable in its size and composure, standing guard, ever vigilant, over the grounds that are to be found beyond.

Yet it opens for you, smoothly, soundlessly, permitting your entrance, as though inviting you in so as to show off the splendour that it protects. Walking through them, you suddenly find that the noises of the outside world are dulled, fading into the background. The air becomes sweeter, the scent of palms leaves to be found within the light breeze upon your face. The sounds of running water in the distance add to the ambience of the strange relaxation that seems to have been achieved here despite the hustle and bustle of the city-scape that was left behind not minutes before. Green pastures spread out before you, meeting the horizon in a merging of colours – blues and greys of the sky meeting the greens of the land, fading into the distance.

To your left, the source of the sounds of water. A lake, its surface that of glass, unbroken, clear, transparent as far down as the sun’s rays will reach. Yet to your right, something seemingly out of place in this oasis…houses. But how could it be that in the midst of all that thrives in natural beauty, there are houses? Is it at all possible that people actually call this haven, dare you think it, home? For never in all your days, not once throughout your travels have you encountered mortal existence so close to place that speaks of eternity, such is it’s resemblance to the paradise of the pearly gates. Yet there they stand, their marble walls shimmering across time and space to reach your eyes, to dazzle them with the spectacular architecture that has seen these Properties For Sale in Silver Lakes become known as some of the most painstakingly thought-out, most beautiful constructed in all of the capital. It cannot be that these marvels of modern engineering and architecture find refuge within the walls of this great enclosure. Yet, somehow, they do.

Your eye is caught, and mournfully turns away from the splendour of the built environment, to find yet another treasure, one so exquisite that for a moment your forget about the houses, the lake, the gate...For it is with stunning realisation that you come to understand that the lawns upon which you previously walked were not simply lawns, but a course – a golf course at Silver Lakes. It is as if you walk a dream-scape, such is the departure from reality, the extent of which it pushes your very beliefs of what is at all conceivable - by human standards at least. Perhaps you frequent the mind of a being greater than yourself, the thoughts of this creature creating the world that you now find yourself in – the nature of the paradise surely needing the hand of divine intervention to exist.

But, if this is indeed the daydream of a god beyond reckoning, who is to say that all thoughts will be of crystal lakes and gorgeous gates. Who is to say this dream will not turn into a nightmare, the likes of which sees all the evils of our world and the worlds beyond turn against you, advance, teeth bared, claws unsheathed, deep growls a prequel to the warm breath that burns your nostrils as though fire and poison…

You shiver. You pass it off as a result of the cold – humans shiver when it’s cold…Perhaps  this was not the paradise you thought it was, for t has no visible protection from- And then  you see that walls, the guard towers, the motion sensors strewn across the ground as though their stock was inexhaustible. A smile breaks your lips, your face warms, your muscles relax. It would be near entertaining watching the creatures of darkness such as concocted by the dreams of the greater being,  breach the perimeter defences – the intimidating walls topped with electrical wiring daring them to try - let alone avoid the sensors, the cameras, the sentinels of the grounds. Such is the security at Silver lakes that any doubts you had with regards to your safety dissipate into the air, leaving smoky trails in their wake, as though sad to see the release of your conscious from their icy grip of despair…

Strangely enough, that was based on fact. Silver Lakes Golf Estate is certainly one of the foremost ventures in gated living, the safety aspect always at the main concern of all those involved. Yet the security side of things certainly does not mean that the residents who call this Eden a home are not able to enjoy life to the fullest, in having access to the finest in country-style etiquette, only a few hundred meters from their door…Perhaps this is a giant’s daydream.

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