Soultice Spa at Silver Woods Estate

  1. We hear the word all the time. We use it on a constant basis for animate and inanimate objects. We witness everlasting debates about what the constituents of a soul are. Much like the existence of God, the religious, agnostic and atheist alike have for eons contemplated and conjectured as to what a soul really is. For the purposes of a conversational spring board, wikipedia, the universally accepted overlord of facts, explanations and definitions, describes the soul as follows:

“The soul, in many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, is the incorporeal and, in many conceptions, immortal essence of a living thing,” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul).

  1. Does it then mean that a non-living thing does not have a soul? What is the relevant definition of living? For example, do the houses in Silver Woods Estate have a soul, having been brought into existence (life) by an architect with a heart, maybe a soul, and a desire to invoke particular sentiments and perspectives upon the gaze of such structures? Perhaps a more appropriate example would be that of atmosphere or vibe. Is a particular ambience, that is either cultivated or accidently generated, not in fact alive by virtue of its very existence? Does not the mere fact that we understand it to be surrounding us, informing behavior and guiding action, not mean that it is an entity, alive among us? I think so. I believe that alive, in the intricate and ever-evolving human context, means that for as long as we understand it to be present, existing and influential, it is alive; thus, whatever “it” is, it surely must have a soul – an incorporeal essence that we can all feel.

My essential point (see what I did there?) is that we might call it different things, we may have different perspectives about how it comes into being, but everything on the planet must have an essence, an influence, seen or unseen by the naked eye, that can also change, evolve, help or hurt. That is why the name of one establishment, among the countless facilities nearby Silver Woods Estate, is my favorite. Soulstice Day Spa.

The cleverly named facility is a five-star spa, famous for its state-of-the-art facilities, superlative customer care and cutting edge head to toe skin and body treatments. This place is certainly special. A rather cosmopolitan environment, they have holistically incorporated “the luxury of the Swiss, the calming of Greece and the funky fusion of the United States”. If that is not incredibly alluring, I do not know what is. What I do know is that, moreover, the entire therapy staff has international accredited qualifications. That may seem too good to be true, if so, how’s this: before any of these highly accredited individuals are even permitted to administer any treatments, they must conclude an additional sic weeks of in-house and product specification training. These treatments, mind you, are signature treatments, many of them repeat customer favorites and there is a constant launch of new treatments for what Soultice Spa refers to as “spa connoisseurs” – very chic.

Why do I love this facility for its name over and above the fantastic offerings? For I believe that it so creatively incorporates a profound component of what they really offer beyond the physical practice of rejuvenating the body and the thin layer of skin that surrounds it. What Soultice Spa in fact offers their customers is much needed rejuvenation of the essence that is truly them. By washing, massaging or soaking away the hard work days, stressful life decisions, strained relationships and other kaleidoscopic issues and pressures we deal with everyday, what they are really doing is re-igniting the soul. They allow the intangible atmosphere, ambience and energy of the self to return to the way it once was, or rather, it should be, through the age-old and brand spanking new therapeutic practices that have made them the success they are today. It is certainly no accident.

When you, your heart, your soul needs to be rejuvenated, and you are lucky enough to reside on one of the beautiful homes in Silver Woods Estate, such reinvigoration and renaissance is available practically down the road. Trust me, whether or not you believe in souls, you will walk out of Soultice Spa, a different person to the one that entered, after an unrivaled mind, body and soul soothing experience like astoundingly few others.

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