Six Fountains, many, many lakes

It’s as if a giant hand accidentally spilled some paradise. That was my first impression of Six Fountains Estate anyway. And an apt one at that, considering the Eden-like landscape in which residents enjoy a pristine, highly unmanufactured living environment alongside the local wildlife that claims ownership over the sun kissed lake and naturally occurring lakeside flora. Dedicated to that old-school feel, sculpted park benches overlook the water as geese flock the shores – it’ll be difficult to believe that you’re not in a modern remake of Casablanca (yes, you really need to see that movie). And geese are certainly not the only species of bird to grace the natural water features, something the estate has definitely capitalised on – bird watching posts stand mid-lake, from where bird watching enthusiasts may appreciate said winged beauties in peace and private. With an ode to maturity and charm, Six Fountains Estate realises what is expected of sophisticated living, and rises to a challenge that many shy away from. Roads paved with gold, the estate glistens in the morning su- Okay so they’re not paved with gold per se, but the might as well be, the stunning composure of the estate matching the precious metal in value and class.

I’m not one of those people who takes issue with admitting mistakes – and it would seem that I’ve made one. You see, I may have indirectly inferred, through lack of clarity, that there is only one lake in the area. The truth – waterways within the estate resemble a small wetland. This has bigger implications that one might think, as the environmentally savvy in the audience might gather.

Lecture time:

Wetlands, besides being pretty (yes I used pretty, it’s nice to be able to take a break from big words from time to time) and holding the title for most diverse natural habitat on the planet, act as nature’s “filters”, absorbing rain and flood waters. They are, very basically, giant sponges, soaking up water, storing it, and releasing it into ground water sources when necessary. However, it is in the case of extreme situations, such as flooding, that this sponge effect is most readily appreciated, said wetlands absorbing large quantities of surface water, and dispelling it slowly over flood plains, thus lowering flood heights and completely removing the violent aspect that flood waters possess. They are natural “speed bumps” if you will, consuming the energy of storm surges as they pass through an area. The ability of wetland spaces to do this has huge implications for human settlements, in that they actively negate the effects of natural disasters. This natural flood control is needed now more than ever, given highly increased surface water run-off caused by massive escalation in impermeable surfaces within urbanised areas (aaand we’re back to big words).

As for the cleansing effect of wetlands on water itself - magical. Said cleansing is as a result of the filtration of water through the various plant species present, as well as the slowing of water to such a point that soil and various other suspended sediment is deposited out of the water flow. Filtration extends to a microscopic level, seen in the ability of wetlands to keep both pollutant as well as nutrient levels in check, as water systems overloaded with nutrients may lead to algae bloom, detrimental to both plant and animal life. Wetland soil conditions are also considered especially unique, due to the presence of the processes that create them, and promote plant growth faster than any man-made fertilizer could ever hope to. In short, you’d be living next one of the cleanest, most well-nourished places in the world.

Cleanliness surely does not stop at the edges of the water. No doubt inspired by the surrounding ambiance, the estate sees the fusion of purity and vibrancy through the construction of a well-planned, preconceived living environment that flows as one with the natural attributes of the area. Building regulations ensure mutual benefits fo both man and terrain, seeing the most efficient use of space in the  

capitalization of natural light and topographical aspect – in other words, your home will have the perfect amount of natural light and heat year-round, through the correct planning and construction methods espoused by Six Fountains.

In staying with that touch of class ensconced within the estate, and certainly one that I hope I’ve managed to imbibe in the words that prequel this paragraph, the estate lies adjacent (and by adjacent I mean completely and utterly next to) the Silver Lakes Golf Course. Which is a curious coincidence, as surely the only way to improve a day of luxurious relaxation amid the water and winds of Six Fountains, is an afternoon of golf on the championship green that is Silver Lakes Golf Course. 

Class, vibrancy and yes, even “Casablanca – these are all words I’ve used to describe Six Fountains Estate – yet I still feel that the only way to truly live the experience is to, surprise surprise, live the experience. And (adding to the surprises) we’ve got the team to help you achieve that. At MyRoof, finding your dream home will be about as difficult as putting a ball into a city sized golf hole (so just to be clear, not difficult at all). We encourage you, we implore you, give us a call or visit our website. We’re more or less the human equivalent of Six Fountains – professional with a touch of class.

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