Showroom Art Gallery at Cormallen Hill Estate

Admittedly, I have never been the best artist on the planet. I refer to artists in the traditional sense; mind you, no designation to musicians, dancers or other artistic performers of the like (which I am far better at may it be said). Not to disparage myself too much, however, I did dabble quite a bit in my younger days. I was an athlete. Yes that did come with its own merit, but there was a respect and awe that good drawers, painter and sculptures could inspire that I found alluring and mysterious. I consequently resolved to teach myself how to draw and attain that same respect and arouse that same awe and admiration I often observed my artistic peers enjoy. While I have not had the privilege of meeting any of them, I imagine that even the architects of the spectacular houses in Cormallen Hill Estate probably savored some serious adulation from their peers.

So I began to teach myself how to draw. Initially I observed my more talented friends, and attempted to emulate their techniques, and periodically pick up pointers and guidance on what works best. I was particularly enticed by the drawing of portraits. The snag was that I found noses, wrinkles and shadows impossible to draw, and could never bring any life to my pieces with some semblance of reality. Heartbroken, I concluded that this particular kind of drawing was not for me.

One day, rummaging through my grandmother’s boxed items (which I oddly did often, as I always discovered some item, to me resembling treasure, that I went and mischievously used for no purpose it was intended for at all), I happened upon a book that was essentially an instruction manual on how to draw different breads of horses. Excitedly, I commenced almost immediately, following all the instructions word for word on how to begin with simple shapes, likes circles and ovals, for larger parts of the body, which I could then connect, add detail to and finally shade to the result of a realistic an beautiful marvel of nature. I found some joy within this, however not all the horses were that simple to draw. I recall, for example, the Clydesdale being particularly difficult to detail and shade – regretfully, as this was my favorite horse in the entire book. I couldn’t catch a break.

I moved on to landscape drawing. Why? It seemed to require far less detail, and around this same time, I partook in a optional art class at school called Foundations (Art Foundations) in which we had been inculcated for a week or two on the aspects of landscape drawings. This tutelage included the fundamentals of the use of the horizon, and how to make objects appear closer or further from the horizon, and thankfully for me, how to depict one major light source from which all shading could be based. Jackpot! I started doing landscaping on my own, at home, and experienced substantially more success with those than with horses or portraits of real people (attractive people whom I made hideous)!

Soon after I began to master landscaping (I used the word ‘master’ very loosely), I discovered Japanese anime on television. Anime is very distinct from regular cartoons mostly due to the distinct character features in anime, and more limited animation styles for the depiction of movement. They also differ vastly content wise, anime taking a far more serious and realistic approach to character and plot development. I loved Dragonball Z (a well-known classic), and began toying with drawing the main characters from the show with massive prosperity. What did I do next? Like a true savant, I integrated my anime characters into my landscape masterpieces and viola; I was an artist (sort of)! That was the pinnacle of my career as an artist which spanned from age nine to fifteen, and was abruptly ended by my acute realization that I am NOT GOOD AT DRAWING!

I have not since lost my admiration and interest in art, however, albeit I am now a fulltime observer and surveyor. If you enjoy art as much as I do you will be delighted that the recreational facilities near Cormallen Estate include the Showroom Art Gallery. Please be advised: these works of art are created by professionals and maestros with real talent, nothing akin to the comparative abomination I put pencil to paper to design. With constant events and an enormous range of different types of art displayed from across the country, Showroom Art Gallery’s purpose is solely that, to bring art connoisseurs and even unsophisticated proponents like myself, the best art they can get their hands on. Moreover, many of the pieces are for sale. You don’t have to keep returning to the gallery to enjoy your art, you can purchase the pieces you want and decorate you lovely home in Cormallen Hill Estate!


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