Security at Woodhill Estate

Storm Troopers – for those of us who revel in the works of George Lucas – is perhaps the best way to describe the manner in which security personnel carry themselves at Woodhill Residential Estate and Country Club. Calm, collected, moving with perfect precision and in complete harmony with one another, to ensure reconnaissance of every space before moving forward in their task to serve and protect.

Granted, those charged with residential safekeeping with regards to properties in Woodhill estate will not fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your cinematic preferences) be dressed from head to toe in black and white battle armour, nor serving an evil overlord upon a planet destroying  Death Star (this is probably a good thing). They will however, be sporting the very latest in weaponry, perhaps even to rival imperial blasters, weapon of choice for the minions of the Dark side – hence the term “armed response” – short of lightsabers, nobody’s getting past the gate crew.

But you bring up an interesting point (okay, no, you didn’t bring it up, I did, but I’ll let you have it) – the Empire was defeated, Luke Skywalker, alongside the rebellion, was able to crush the works of Vader and Palpatine (the other bad guy in charge) and the Death Star was destroyed.
An interesting parallel, however, ultimately incorrect. And this is why: Short of the force-having lightsaber-wielding Jedi, no one is setting foot within Woodhill premises without being properly identified and given adequate permission to proceed. Upon arrival at any of the entrances, said gate crew stands at attention, waiting for visitors to produce valid identification documents and reasons for visit. Forms are completed and the boom is raised, allowing you access to the properties at Woodhill Estate.

Now while all that is going on, here’s what you don’t see:

You do not see the expertly mounted high resolution camera pointed at your vehicle, capturing its number plate and comparing it to an updated SAPS list of stolen or missing vehicles. You do not see that same camera capturing your face should there be a security related need to view the footage at a later time. You certainly do not notice the hidden alarm button within reaching distance of the guard that stands and waits for you to complete the entrance application, ready to be pressed should said guard suspect any suspicious activity, the pressing of which would summon countless well trained security staff within moments, as though imperial officers descending upon the city of Talay (a rebellion strong hold, destroyed within minutes by an imperial assault - and yes, that’s how good the guards are at Woodhill Residential Estate). And finally, so smoothly do they move, undetected amongst the calm of Woodhill suburbia, you may fail to even know of the existence of a multitude of area patrols, meaning that the possibility of armed reaction to an alarm being sounded within seconds truly does exist, and lives within the incredible abilities of those who concern themselves with your safety and well-being day and night, so that you don’t have to. Furthermore, this beautiful attention to detail in safety extends to the various schools of Woodhill, their proximity to the estate surely the reason that a shared mentality in safeguarding and protection is present.

Human element (despite its shocking resemblance to a robot army in its perfection and execution of tasks) aside, our South African Storm Troopers are surely not the only thing standing between you and the dangers of the deep space…or this case, the criminal element that abounds in the surrounding lands. Fortifications exist in a spectacular manner, one hitherto unseen nor tested, such is their intimidation of all that think to challenge them. Solid walls stand guard over the grounds, a barrier between paradise and possible turmoil. High voltage electric wiring runs the length of these walls, not a break to be found, and any who provide a path from the fence and the earth for the existing potential difference to be realised will experience such numbness to the body they will surely never attempt bridging the barrier again – trust me, I know.

Eyes of the night, infrared cameras pierce the gloom with vision undimmed, allowing those who watch their related screens unparalleled views into what we cannot, and needn’t, see. No matter how many layers of dark clothing you wear, no matter how many classes of movement in stealth you’ve attended, I guarantee you, they will be of no avail…In fact you should probably get a refund on those classes, they weren’t cheap were they? And placed with such strategy and foresight by experts in the field, no blind spots or hidden coves exist to where a criminal may flee in an attempt to avoid apprehension by the noose of safety and security slowly tightening its grip, an anaconda from whom there is no escape.

Yes, Woodhill Residential Estate enjoy the splendours of the beauty that abound the piece of paradise that the enclosure is. And surely there are few that are able to match the quality and prestige of the 18-hole professional level golf course that is the Woodhill Country Club, and sits in wait of game and glory. But perhaps the most incredible feature of the estate is one that is unseen – the peace and prosperity of mind that is afforded to all who dwell within the walls of the glorious enclosure. The level of comfort that is experienced by the men, women and children who call Woodhill home, is stunning, and it is possible because of the great attention to detail that is taken with regards to your wellbeing.

Your safety, your security, your quality of life – is Woodhill Estate’s number one concern.

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