Security at Willow Acres

Willow Acres…Hundred Acre Wood, Narnia. Sorry I thought we are naming places we’d like to live. I mean, the Hundred Acre Wood, with talking animals and a seemingly endless supply of Honey? And Narnia, also with talking animals (a fact that dawned on me as I wrote it) and awesome battles for the control of a kingdom? Yet it stands as no coincidence that Willow Acres was the first place that came to mind and paper. 

I’ve been sitting at my desk for the past 30 minutes contemplating how to start this particular description. I’ve literally watched the seconds tick by on the clock, staring at a blank screen, willing it to fill itself with words, thus allowing me to vegetate for a while longer (don’t tell my boss). And it’s not that I don’t feel like working (okay who am I kidding, it’s Friday, if I could I’d be at the beach right now), but rather that I don’t think I possess the descriptive capacity to do justice to today’s assignment.

The well of big words isn’t inexhaustible. It’s not long before I’m telling you how the “beauty of Willow Acres, enticing as Helen to Agamemnon, would launch a thousand vessels so as to claim ownership over the face of untouched extravagance”, or some other variation of what I know from watching Troy. The funny thing? It’s not completely untrue. Or at all for that matter. Willow Acres, wouldn’t you know it, dripping it Willow trees, fulfils the dream of the white picket fence (not a metaphor, searching for properties in Willow Acres on MyRoof.com, the first image you’ll see will be a white picket fence). The calm serenity of the estate promotes a quiet, gentle lifestyle of, an environment perfect for the new family or the old one (not that you’re old, you’re not old. You’re just wise).

With designated recreational areas for both children and adults, Willow Acres promotes a safety factor so high you could encourage your toddlers to blindfold themselves and walk around at midnight without fear for their wellbeing (but, you know…don’t). As for those of us who’ve breached the quarter century mark (let us call ourselves the “wise ones”), perhaps the biggest danger is taking a tennis ball to the face as we struggle to live up to the hype of Serena and Sharapova (grunting aside. Or included, whatever tickles your fancy) in the stunningly maintained private clay courts that stand central to the estate’s claim to fame. As part of said claim is the clubhouse, available for use by all home owners, a communal braai area and – this is perhaps what impressed me the most – a private conference facility. Besides the fact that there exists - I’m going to say it again - a private conference facility, the mind-set that this promotes is one of professional growth, no better indicator how invested Willow Acres is in your success. You just can’t buy that kind loyalty anymore – unless of course it’s from the caddy to whom you just slipped a fifty, to “accidently” knock your ball onto the green at the Silver Lakes Golf Course. Come on we’ve all done it.

Most noticeable upon arriving at the estate is the excellent array of the very latest and greatest (and yes, that’s an adjectival phrase that I’ve used many a time, yet it stands as the best way to describe the sheer class of objects to be described…also I like the alliteration) in crime-fighting, security-having, peaceful-sleep giving technology that frequents every portal of entry in the form of cameras with eyesight so clear that the proportions of an ant upon the image of a number plate – coincidentally of which is captured and run through the local police database in comparison of all lost and/or stolen vehicles – could be easily discerned, the secret life of ants a secret no more. Fortunately the well trained security personnel that man said portals are slightly more interested (the word “slightly” being an absolutely enormous euphemism) in who enters and exists the enclosure, than in staring at the feelers that sit atop an ant’s upper exoskeleton. Entry and exit aside, immense reinforced concrete barriers, awash in electrical wiring buzzing with potential difference, sit as sentries to fill the void between the known world inside and the unknown forces at work beyond the wall. Further than being the reason that safety and prosperity ensues, these fortifications lend the very feeling of safety to those they protect, meaning that come day or night, hail or sun, paradise or apocalypse, you will always feel safe within the confines of properties within Willow Acres (although you should probably run in the case of an apocalypse – I’ve started watching the Walking Dead recently).

Finally, if you remain unappeased and ill at ease with regards to your absolute sense of safety at Willow Acres Estate, CCTV monitors abound the grounds, giving extra eyes to the patrols to be found in the area, a system of man and machine interlinked by radio communication, which means that no matter what happens, you are no more than several seconds away from expert assistance in your time of need.

Your security is of the utmost importance at Willow Acres, as it is well understood, indeed ingrained in the minds and hearts of the men and women at work, that the excellent quality of life promised to those who choose Willow Acres as a home is only possible if residents remain unconcerned to utmost pertaining to their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Our care for your concern is unrivalled. And with a safety factor this high coupled with the kind of proximity to world class amenities that exists, the likes of the aforementioned Silver Lakes Golf Course, or Woodhill Golf Course and Country Club amongst them, there is little more that Willow Acres, or anyone else for that matter, can do to improve your standard of living.

In fact, forget the Hundred Acre Wood - Willow Acres for the win.

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