Security at The Wilds Estate

The Wilds – You really don't need to read more, the name should tell you everything you need to know and then some about the lifestyle you should expect to find here...Okay? Okay, great read, ciao!

...But if you did decide to continue reading, you would discover that this utter beauty of modern luxury living stands between two of the most sought after pieces of real estate development on the continent, and has surely joined their ranks. A hat tip to South African animal originals is seen in the naming of the six neighbourhoods - Elephant Hills, Leopards Den, Rhino Ridge, Buffalo Creek, Cheetah's View and Lion's Head, all different, all unique, the only thing shared being the emphasis on the stunning views needed to create that aura of majesty inherent to the palatial splendours that await your arrival. Unearthed whispers of what was once a barren stretch of untamed veld that one man's vision and determination turned into what stands today as a testament to perseverance. Lush green pastures of such elegance that it becomes difficult to determine where reality ends and one's imagination begins. Architectural brilliance to rival Victorian England - this is what you'd see, nay, feel, as you cross the well-guarded threshold to your new home.

It is understood that in this day and age, as much as we would like the case to be otherwise, security is a real concern within most urban environments. House-break in’s and car-jacking have unfortunately become accepted as a norm within many societies and on various socio-economic levels. South Africa in fact boasts the highest rate of car thefts globally – something that we do seem to be taking into consideration with the development of enclosed living. One fine example of this, is The Wild Estate.

The emphasis on security here is extraordinary. It would seem that the men and women that keep the estate in peak performance understand the modern city dwellers need to feel safe within their houses. And it is this understanding that has seen The Wild estate cover all bases in ensuring your comfort within and control over your living environment with regards to safety.

At The Wilds there is simply no denying that you will always be afforded peace of mind with regards to your security needs. Elegant in their construction, the estates walls stand unbreachable, topped with high voltage electrical fencing. Entrances are well guarded, manned by professional security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Closed circuit television cameras have been strategically situated so that zero blind spots exist regarding areas of interest, and infra-red motion sensors capture all low light movements within the complex.

In terms of outside workers contracted to work within the estate, identification cards are to be issued to all aforementioned workers to ensure strict access control to the estate and neighbourhoods within is adhered to.

If that wasn’t enough to ease your anxieties, The Wilds employs the use of a unique “double lock” system, meaning that there exists a main estate entrance, at which visitors credentials are checked, and individual entrances to each neighbourhood within the estate – all entrees information, initially presented at the main gate, is verified to ensure, to put it frankly, everyone is who they say they are.  Finally, human patrols are deployed to recon the estate at random intervals, meaning that the element of surprise remains on the side of safety.

Big words aside (for now), sound descriptions of safety should not be the sole influencing factor in your decision to commit to the wonderful community that is The Wilds. Security aside (but certainly not out of mind), The Wilds provides excellent proximity to Parkview Shopping Centre and Woodlands Boulevard Lifestyle Centre, sure to cater to your every need in terms of shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and cinematic cravings. The area also boasts the famed Pretoria East Hospital – from personal experience, I am able to assure you that staff and medical teams alike afford you with absolutely nothing but the greatest and latest in medical care – short of eternal youth, you have nothing to worry about medically when living in such close proximity to the best and brightest. No doubt some of said best and brightest were cultivated at those nearby top notch institutions, namely Woodhill College and Doxa Deo, the latter overseeing the leaders of tomorrow from grades RRR to 7, the former from grades 0 to 12. And as if that wasn't enough to solidify your opinion of this neck of the woods, imagine driving your Audi around the corner to the Woodhill Golf Course for a tee-off and a Scotch with the mates.

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