Security at Six Fountains

Six fountains – no, one wasn’t enough, for the developers of the stunning estate swore nothing but the finest in modern living for the residents of the enclosure, and good lord did they deliver. Whatever utopian gardens you may picture in descriptions of paradise, I guarantee you they have nothing on this particular stretch of land, such is the magnificence of every property within the Six Fountains Estate. When it comes to the walls that sees the very best in primary protection for is residents, the grass is certainly greener on the other side, except perhaps when it comes to the amenities of Six Fountains, but if you think about it, it’s kind of the same grass.

And speaking of protection…

Surely one of the main goals of any enclosed estate is to provide the kind of security and safety that is becoming all to necessary in today’s urbanised world, as the dangers of the city adapt and evolve in keeping up with the methods that are used in an attempt to eradicate them. Crime has existed within metropolitan areas for generations, and will exist for generations to come - it is an unfortunate truth. However, an area that we as a global society have certainly been making gains in is the ability to pro-actively defend ourselves and our families from said dangers in more and more innovative methods every day.

A little history perhaps – enclosed neighbourhoods are not, as many may believe, an invention of the 21st century. They have, in fact, existed for hundreds of years, and have been in use across the globe. For example, aristocracy in Victorian England used condensed living spaces, walled off from the outside world, as a measure of protection in times of strife. Another instance of gated living is found in Rome, under the reign of Julius Caesar, where roman soldiers would live within gated “barracks” if you will, in an attempt to protect themselves from retribution, courtesy of those that would see them hanged for their actions under the state.

The idea in place for decades, Six Fountains has simply extended (quite marvellously in fact) on the concept of safety through an exclusive and protected community. The basic ideas are still the same, the first and foremost being that of safety in numbers – this is seen in the awe-inspiring array of houses within the enclosure, far apart from each other to guarantee privacy, yet close enough to inspire that sense of community that criminals so despise, such is its deterrent value against the forces of evil. The physical attributes, in terms of protection, manifest themselves in ways similar to that of the ancient world’s take on enclosed living, yet with vastly superior technology aiding in protecting those that it serves.

Whether you see yourself as a Queen, soldier, or perhaps just a family looking to make it in life with the comfort of relative safety is entirely up to you. The choice however, regardless of the societal position you hold – aristocracy, commoner, royalty – is quite obvious. Properties For Sale in Six Fountains have definitely upheld the traditions of safekeeping for years, and will continue to do so for years to come

From first glance, the enclosure itself is already impressive. Kilometres of solid concrete-and-brick wall surround the estate – and they really could’ve stopped there, for there certainly isn’t any way that those with ill intentions would ever manage to scale it unnoticed. But since this is Six Fountains we’re talking about, your safety does not have a limit on how many protections need be in place to ensure its wellbeing.  Atop the gargantuan wall sits rows and rows of high-voltage electrified fencing positively sizzling with electricity – should anyone but brush up against it, creating that bridge to the ground through which said electricity may flow – well, let’s just say that it’ll be the furthest thing from enjoyable. 

Now, should anyone actually manage to circumvent the perimeter wall (possibly through waving a wand, because honestly, magic is the only way you’d do it – but for arguments sake let’s say that Voldemort wants your flat-screen), the motion sensors that dot the ground are definitely not soon to be fooled, as any motion that is seen to be out of bounds, great or small, is picked up and transmitted to the guard duty, their reaction time a force to be reckoned with, their speed certainly a factor born of the sporting greatness found at the schools around Six Fountains.

And as if this wasn’t enough, said guard duty patrols the enclosure with the keen vision that can only be the result of years of on the job training, ready to take action at a moment’s notice.

In looking to a comparison between those enclosures of old, and the one that stands before us today – that of Six Fountains – it becomes clear that greatness does certainly breed greatness, for from humble beginnings did the dream of a security neighbourhood to rival all others form, and was realise in the construction of Six Fountains. And in in continuing the ongoing traditions of security, this exquisite estate will only continue to grow in affluence, prestige and, most of all:


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