Security at Silver Stream Estate

From Silver Lakes, to Silver Woods - yes we understand the abundance of silver has nothing to do with precious metal in the area (although if you dug deep enough, I’m sure you’d hit a vein of…sorry, back to the point). Due to top notch development however, the previously untamed Pretoria East region stands to have slightly more value than your average mineral field, said developments being solely responsible for the vast increase in land value, and indeed quality of life for those who call the stunning expanse home.

Silver Stream Estate (yes, more silver, and no, we’re not sorry) is no exception to the aforementioned rise in quality of life. The estate leaves no doubt in its ability to awe and inspire those who lay eyes on it for the first time, as with properties in Silver Stream Estate, architectural brilliance remains the standard of building regulations espoused by the Home Owners Association within Silver Stream. From the exterior, polished walls bear resemblance to those of Jericho (minus the Ark of the Covenant of course – these walls aren’t going anywhere), and stand as the first of many safeguards between the people of the stream, and those ill-doers who would see the fortification breached. Perhaps another difference between the biblical metaphor and the present day reality is the modern adornments that sit atop the barriers – the latest in security closed-circuit television monitors and high voltage electrical fencing merely hint at the dangers and demons that await would be intruders in the (highly) unlikely event that managed to breach the estate’ primary deterrents to crime and criminals

It wouldn’t do however, to have walls surround a territory completely – people still gotta get in and out (yes, I’m completely aware of the colloquial slang I threw out there just now – sometimes it gets tiresome talking as though I grew up living next door to Shakespeare). It is with beautiful irony that these portals, connecting paradise through practicality as though a stairways to heaven (great song) are, if possible, better guarded than any walled section of the enclosure. 24 hour professional security personnel manned fixed stations, constantly alert, ever prepared to leap into action. Iron gates adorn all thoroughfares into the neighbourhood, and third eyes in the form of infra-red cameras mounted in such a way as to capture all relevant features of a vehicles entering and exiting the compound (including the people driving them) provide an irrefutable database through which to keep tabs on suspicious activity.

The magnificent thing about Silver Stream taking complete responsibility for your safety in terms of the fancy equipment and gadgetry (honestly some security guards look like Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise run and all), is that, very simply, you don’t have to. The guarded grounds remain open and un-injured as a direct result of the sterling work done by those entrusted with your safety and security. Play parks for your children lay out in full view of all, furthering the feeling of protection through a unified approached by residents to keeping a shared area as safe as possible. We do not believe a second of your time on these stunning grounds should be spent unnecessarily worrying about your family's safety. The days when toddlers played in the street outside your house are far from over. If anything, we've taken the concept and strengthened it to the point where the biggest danger in leaving your children alone is that they may find that hidden box of delicatessen chocolate you recently imported. And bear in mind, this is a mind-set that has been adopted for throughout the many and varied facilities around Silver Stream Estate.

As for night-time, when we envision most of our personal terrors to breathe life to our darkest fears? The icy breath of intruders and their terrifying beasts seemingly always just beyond the reach of the law of the land, gnawing at our heartstrings and playing upon our anxieties – what if we were to take in a midnight stroll, and find ourselves face to face with a hideous, beast, half man, half monster, both halves intent on causing grievous harm to all that we hold dear – I’m going to stop there as the 24 hour patrol of squad cars that frequent the streets just beyond the doors behind we find restful solitude ensure that we remain obscured from the dangers of criminal element and the dragons upon which they ride. So to recap: Walls of Jericho (without the Covenant), electrified fences, CCTV, guarded entrances and 24 hour patrols.

I would not wish you to believe that in the gorgeous east, one needs to be ensconced within a multitude of doors, gates and locks. These security measures exist as a defence mechanism should the possibility of malevolence see fruition. The area itself is actually amongst the safest in the country, dare I say it – the continent, the feeling of freedom and immunity from harm extending beyond the walls of any estate, and surely as result of their presence – it is as though one were to venture outside one’s castle walls to appreciate the beauty on an untamed land. There is surely no danger in that, save the fact that one may become entranced with the amenities that form the eastern shores of our great province.

Silver Stream Estate is an example. It is an example of how luxury living blends seamlessly with feelings of safety – an invulnerable sanctuary provided by the most innovative minds in the country promises a lifestyle unrivalled by any other, and like nothing you have ever seen, and even more so felt, before. And so, I implore you, Give a chance, to your peace of mind.

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