Security at Silver Lakes

It is incredible how much we, as individuals, do not know. The things we take for granted are as many as they are varied. Personally, I didn’t start to question where milk came from ‘til I hit high school. I’m still not sure I want to know where the ingredients to the fast-food burger I’m currently holding in my hand came from – no I’d much rather enjoy it in ignorance, safe from the knowledge of what exactly it is I’m eating, cause it’s definitely not beef. We are content in knowing that things happen without knowing how they happen. We accept the ways in which modern society works, without appreciating the inner workings of such a complex machine. We appreciate the security that is afforded to us, seen in the peace of mind that we experience every day when we wake up, and every night when we close our eyes. So today, I’m going to attempt to shed a little on just how much goes into giving you that peace of mind, by the men and women who work tirelessly to ensure that the last thing on your mind, is the first thing on theirs – the safety and well-being of every single person of the properties of Silver Lakes Golf Estate.

The fact that we know we are safe is not seen by what is, but rather by what isn’t. A serene, empty street, the scents and sounds of summer filling the air, speaks volumes more of safety than a road of armoured vehicles and soldiers with weapons. The fact the your young ones are able wander the outside world in search of the joys of child-hood, without concern weighing on your mind and anxiety tightening your chest means that you understand what it is to feel the kind of security that only a world class enclosure is able to offer. However, the fact that the product of a secure environment is a lack of anything out of the ordinary certainly does not mean that there is nothing going on behind the scenes, for the safer an area, surely the more that must be done to achieve said safety?

As for that light that I was shedding? The physical fortifications of the enclosure are instantly visible, their mere presence a deterrent to those who wish to try their ill-fated luck in gaining unwarranted access. For who but a mad-man would attempt to scale the large walls, in reaching their summit to find their path blocked by wires sizzling with electricity? And if they did manage to bypass the kilometres of electrical fencing that runs the perimeter of the enclosure, there are no blind spots when it comes to the motion sensors that litter the ground, their keen sixth sense alerted by movements, great and small alike. And speaking of blind spots, there are certainly none when referring to the infra-red cameras (yes that right, night-time vision and all, these are the Black Ops infantry division of cameras) that pierce daylight and darkness with keen vision, all broadcasting over an impenetrable closed circuit channel to screens manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by the well trained personnel who protect the area with life and limb – good lord, the guards. The training that these men and women undergo is intense and vigorous, for only the best are chosen to safeguard an area as prestigious as this. Controlled access into this beautiful Eden-like landscape ensures that it stays the pristine gem that it is. 24-hour security professional armed patrols (yes, more than one) ensures that no matter the time of day or night, some one's watching your back – peaceful, unburdened sleep is whole-fully encouraged, with nothing and no one to fear. No doubt the work ethic that these men and women received were courtesy of schools around Silver Lakes.

For yes, we as people do fear the unknown - Fear is human. It is a mechanism that we use to protect ourselves and those we care about. And it is that drive to conquer our fear that inspires some of our greatest innovations. Silver Lakes Golf Estate is one such example. Minds that understand our need and want for that feeling of safety that allows for comfort have strived tirelessly to give you an enclosed, a secure environment in which to live without the slightest concern for the well-being of you and your family.

Behind the scenes – all of it. We do not see it happen, but we feel its presence through the tranquillity that is offered to those who choose Silver lakes as their place of residence – a place that, besides being one of the foremost enclosures in graceful entertainment, a hat tip to golf at Silver Lakes, provides the very best in the protection of its residents. For though we may not see it, we certainly appreciate all that is done in ensuring that this haven of safety stays just that.

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