Security at Olympus Estate

Olympus - in ancient Greek mythology, the seat of power of the twelve gods of the pantheon, from which all that was explained, was controlled. Poseidon, god of the oceans, shaker of the Earth and creator of horses, trident ever in hand and ready to defend his territory. Zeus, master of the skies, of thunder and lightning, reigning supreme over the known world. And the last of the three brothers – Hades, conqueror of death and lord of the underworld. It is this enormous power that Olympus holds within three of the most incredible beings ever to walk the earth, sea or sky. It is to these three personalities (for we cannot denote them mere humans) that the ten remaining gods and countless number of lesser gods pay homage, and the people of Earth tremble before in awe and praise.

It would seem only fitting then, to name the residential estate that is Olympus after the most, for lack of a better word, “awesome” place ever conceived by mankind.

I would start by drawing the obvious parallels between the paradise of the sky, and the one found on the land beneath it, in the midst of the lush stretch of African landscape that we know to be the Pretoria East region. Now in keeping with the traditions of those who find themselves thrust into positions of power and responsibility, it would be wise to protect those who require it. And where better to house the gods of people, and no doubt the people of the gods, than in Olympus?

The residential enclosure, much like the palace in the heavens, sees only the strictest regulations in terms of security, as acceptable with regards to the domain they are to protect. In place of gates of lightning and hurricanes, we see the instalment of barriers equal in their effectiveness in keeping out intruders – of iron and steel, strengthened fences with eyes, both human and machine, watching one’s every move in lending to the excellent security provided to all properties within Olympus Residential Estate, Said mechanical eyes being as a result of the installation of high-resolution, infra-red cameras that cover every angle and aspect of all portals of entry, whilst a human element in the form of highly trained security guards (these ain’t no mall rent-a-cop people) survey their surroundings with an intuition, a “sixth sense” if you will, born of years of training and on-the-job experience. In short, no one’s getting in or out without them knowing about it, as the aforementioned access regulations are enforced through key-card entry and the attaining of all personal details of visitors to the estate.

Oh, completely forgot to mention, just as a matter of fact: as one waits for the lifting of the boom (and let’s face it, entrance into paradise), your picture is being snapped and your car plates taken, the latter being run through a police database of missing or stolen vehicles. Just thought you ought to know.

Now, no doubt some of said heavenly personnel are scratching tridents to heads, lightning bolts to chins and deathly hands to deathly behinds, in wondering how on earth they could’ve fallen so far behind the subjects that they rule in terms of a mind-set and manifestation of safety and security measures. Electronic eyes that are able to see through darkness? Certainly one that seemed to have gone unnoticed by those of the pantheon, or you can be assured that they’d have them up all over the place by now. Perhaps Hephaestus should get a little bit more inventive in his forges – it’s certainly working for people down here - a mindset that is certainly extended to the numerous nearby facilities in there protection of all that is good and right in the mortal world

However, safety and security is not only a product of controlling what can be seen, but also what cannot be seen, heard, or known. For if we were to only to fear that of which we know, we would have significantly less to worry about – fear of the unknown for starters. What’s the saying? “Ignorance is bliss”, right? Well here at Olympus we aspire to continue allowing you your blissful ignorance in assuring you of your protection against that which you would remain ignorant about, savvy? In short, any and every security measure is taken to prevent those lurking out of sight of the various eyes, both human and machine, from gaining unauthorized access into the beautiful and pristine grounds that is Olympus Residential Estate. God sized walls topped with fencing in which the electricity of Zeus himself flows ensures that a little wall-hop remains completely out of the question. Strategically placed motion sensors means that if you did somehow bypass initial security measures, you’d need to play Mission Impossible (great movies, all of them) in dodging the invisible lasers that crisscross the ground and air. And finally, remember those formidable men and women that stand guard over the entrances? They’re anything but static in their movements, and regular patrols are to be found around every corner, ever vigilant in their fulfilling their job descriptions – ensuring that you receive a peaceful night’s sleep, well rested so as to make the journey by modern horse drawn carriage (and by horse drawn I mean several hundred horses, depending on the torque of your Beamer) to the not-so-distant lifestyle centres that make up the amenities of Olympus Estate.

In closing I would like to say that – ah, sorry I’m not going to be able to finish that sentence. Some guy just called us here at MyRoof, says his name is Ares or something. Wants to know if there are any properties in Olympus available for purchase.

Typical gods.

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