Security at Heron Hill

Safety. Yes, it’s a buzzword that many a security company seems to be capitalising on lately, what with their campaigns in how unsafe you are in your own home, and how their particular armed response is the best. Quite honestly when I see those ads, the first thing I think is that whoever is behind the aggressive advertising campaign is trying way too hard. And I think this because I know what real safety and security is, and I know that when protection is had, when security is more than just a description to be thrown around the corporate world in a weakened attempt to suck in investors, and when safety is a mind-set instead of just walls and gates, there is absolutely no need to brag about it. For when all is safe and all is secure, one would not even notice the extreme lengths that are gone to in order to ensure that  modern urban environments stay the hidden gems that they are within an ever changing city-scape. And no more is this true than within the newly built walls and properties of Heron Hill.

Safety is a mind-set – I quite like that description. As opposed to the pages and pages in technical description of exactly how high the voltage of an electric fence is, or how much steel alloy was used to reinforce the perimeter walls, or just how high the resolution is on the CCTV cameras that dot the enclosure, I feel that real safety is felt when you simply do not realise its existence. When you are able to go to bed with the windows open, or fall asleep without care nor concern for the wellbeing of your vehicle as it you didn’t pull it into the double garage, but rather parked it in the drive way, or even leaving the front door unlocked – when any or all of the aforementioned is the case, and you still manage pass out without the niggling feeling or, as is the case many times, the burning fear that you’ve forgotten something that puts you and your family in jeopardy, that is when safety is truly felt. And it is this feeling that Heron Hill strives to emulate in every way through its comprehensive take on security matters.

For starters, security at Heron Hill is not an exclusive responsibility of the guard detail, but falls upon all those who live within the enclosure’s walls, in a collective approach to keeping the neighbourhood free of the ills that would besiege it. Houses are scattered far apart enough that ensures the privacy of every resident, yet close enough to each other to instil a sense of community within those who call Heron Hill home, this sense of community meaning that each and every person is personally invested in the wellbeing of their neighbour – “all for one and one for all” if you will. And it is this collective protection that enhances the already intimidating array of protection measures that sees Heron Hill as possibly one of the safest neighbourhoods to date.

What are these measure you ask? Well, I know that I hinted at avoiding technical descriptions, however the only way I’m going to convey the sheer awesomeness of what awaits in terms of gizmos and gadgetry is in what sounds suspiciously close to military slang (or maybe I’ve just watched too many movies), compliments of the cinemas that form part of the amenities at Heron Hill, amongst so, so many other greats within the lifestyle centres that dot the east).

It is important to note the young age of the security estate in looking at what will be provided in terms of safety features. I say it is important because, as a result, the very latest in security technology, instead of being used as a bragging right, will be the very baseline standard in protecting its clientele – a baseline to be improved upon at every opportunity (seemingly time and again it comes out that greatness does not need promote itself, but simply lets its work speak for itself). But I digress.

The enclosure will be encircled with a perimeter wall (of course) atop which will sit a gleaming stretch of high voltage electrical wiring, the disturbance of which will result not only in the sounding of an on-site alarm, but also, undoubtedly, the very painful realisation by the one attempting to gain unauthorized access into the enclosure, that’s it just not going to happen. But let’s humour ourselves and say that it does – do you honestly believe that said intruder is going to avoid the night-vision enabled cameras, the strategically placed motion sensors or the guard patrol that frequents the enclosure at random intervals on non-specific paths? No? Yeah that’s what I thought too. In short, in rue of the electronic access card provided to residents, or the invitations issued by said residents to visitors of the area - no one’s getting in.

And that’s just the way it is (always wanted to end an article like that).

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