Security at Boardwalk Meander Estate

You know what I've always enjoyed imagining? Living in one of those fairytale castles that you often see in Disney productions. At times, I imagine myself living in one of those or I picture myself residing over the castles they depict in real productions, such as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. I am not sure if I am adequately explaining it correctly, however, I'm positive you must have an idea of what I'm referring to. The large and extremely old looking stone structures that are usually surrounded by an awesome looking mote, a draw bridge and some sort of fire torches on either side of the massive gate or door, that illuminate the entrance for weary travellers arriving on horse back or carriage. It is more than unlikely that the houses for sale in Boardwalk Meander Estate will look anything like these monumental fortresses, but consider the facets of those mammoth structures and you might find that the principles of grandeur and safety are rather similar.

For example, the castles in these productions, which are obviously producers, writers or directors interpretations of medieval architecture of the like, are often accompanied by guardsmen, right? There are usually at least two guards that stand near the large wooden door or iron gate – which is also generally the only entrance and exit to castle (or town) premises. In addition to the two that stand alert at this portal, there are usually a few royal guards or militiamen that patrol the outer perimeter in the depiction where no mote exists. Where the mot does in fact exist, there are watchmen above, on the enormous walls of the perimeter that survey beyond the immediate view of the patrolling and screening personnel down below. These seem to consistently serve the function of an early detection system in depictions of medieval military conflict (a common occurrence in the day), in the absence of modern technology militaries have innovated. From what I have witnessed these men tend to be archers and can repel threats from a great distance and are the first line of defence against militant aggression.

What essentially has been portrayed then, is precisely what you will find as true in the modern, elegant and technological advance Boardwalk Meander Estate. That is a single access point onto and off of the premises. Present is the constant surveillance of the immediate perimeter, outer perimeter and the eternal safeguarding of that singular entryway. Moreover, there prevails protection from intrusion or aggression as a primary and preventative measure.

Aren't you the lucky resident of a magnificent home in Boardwalk Meander? In a modern evolution of such wholesome and deliberate architectural and social consideration you rather have similar if not better protection from more prevalent mishaps today, like crime.

The entire 4.7km radius of the marvellous estate is monitored by automatically triggered CCTV video surveillance system, whose images are sent to alert and professional personnel who are paid and trained to recognise residents, non-residents and potential mischief from either. Access to the estate is strictly controlled and logged with no one being able to enter or access the premises without being captured by camera and accounted for by security – including state of the art finger print technology. If this does not seem safe enough for your modern version of a medieval fortress, security patrols the properties 24hrs a day, with obedient and menacing guard dogs which I imagine no suspicious character might want to make contact with! These very same guards co-ordinate, inform and maintain contact with one another via radio communication; furthermore the security on hand is assisted by armed response on standby. All of the above, in my exuberant and youthful imagination, culminate to create an image of one incredible castle fortress, which I would love to have had the chance to preside over, as King perhaps!

That’s enough of my rampant imaginings. The point of this is really to inform you that there are few places you will live in, where you will experience the same comfort and confidence in the fact that you are safe, and secure from the common ills of our world. Here, in this fortress of yours, no one can fetter your piece of mind.

I envy you. Enjoy.

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