Security at Boardwalk Manor

Soul soothing, a treasure trove of breath-taking beauty, grounds, a sanctuary for the senses, are kept in tip top shape, silver sunlight dancing playfully off tamed waters, cobbled roads speak of class hitherto unknown, perhaps hidden amongst the lush growth of greenery that envelops this angelic haven…and I think that’s enough for now, I seem to have exhausted my vocabulary of adjectives.

Not surprising – I am attempting to describe the indescribable. Boardwalk Manor is said indescribable (I know, it’s not a noun, sue me). And yes, I know I’m paid to make places sound good, but this is one of those times where I opened the webpage from whence my information doth flow, and actually marvelled at the layout of the estate. You really wouldn’t know that you were living in our country’s capital city, what with the gentle vegetation and eastwardly situation hiding the noises of the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Red brick walkways run parallel with perfectly manicured lawns, upon which lay private tennis courts, swimming pools and club houses to be used by residents at their pleasure and disposal.

I must say, however, that the juxtaposition of palm trees and evergreens within the enclosure does confuse one as to where you really are – a quiet eastern European meadow perhaps - and if that is the case, we could stipulate Silver Lakes Golf Estate to be a possible destination! Until you notice golden sunlight filtering through the large leaves of the palms, and the tropical beaches of Central America spring to mind – fiesta anyone? This wouldn’t stand out of place, given the superb (and somewhat enormous) swimming facility, its crystal clear waters waiting to be broken on a hot summers day by screaming gaggle of children, calls of “Marco” (and yes, “Polo”) echoing down to the exquisitely maintained braai areas. 

I procrastinate, however, from the real reason I write. Yes, palm trees and tennis courts are all fine and well, but one of the most fundamental reasons that we as creatures of conscious move into security estates is, wouldn’t you believe it – security. We all need that feeling of calm and comfort within our homes, and it is derived from a level of safety and security unparalleled before making real the ideal of enclosed living. We as a people and a society have always craved the sense of security that allows us to move throughout our daily lives, unburdened by the worries and anxieties that ensnare our terrors and threaten to turn them into reality.

I propose an experiment. Imagine for a moment, if you would, not being worried about anything. Anything at all. No anxiety about whether your loved ones are safe, no stress about where they are or who they’re with, or that they’re not directly within your line of sight. You have no fears regarding the fact that your worldly possessions lay unguarded, placed in a cache of doors and windows. And finally you – yourself, a person of great power, yet not so powerful that you may not be overpowered. Yet you possess no concern about your well-being, day or night. That feeling? It exists, and it simply lays in wait to be claimed. 

Boardwalk Manor is a luxury residential complex that sees all aforementioned traits to fruition. The value in which the enclosure holds one’s peace of mind is found in their state-of-the-art security, said array consisting of the very latest in crime fighting technology and techniques (hence “state-of-the-art”). Electrical fencing finds magnificent views upon the high walls that surround the estate. All points of entry and exit are extensively guarded, as professionally trained security personal stand ever vigilant, unwavering in their duty to protect, their keen eyesight backed up as CCTV cameras cover every conceivable angle. 

Perhaps one of my favourite aspects of the approach to security, however, is the way in which the estate sees residents empowered through the request that they too, assist with matters of security. The relationship between security personnel and those who call the state home is incredible, and only serves to further strengthen the feeling of immunity against all things ill. Residents are encouraged to report suspicious behaviour or possible breaks in uniformity of the imposed security measures, making it near impossible that those who would enter with untoward intentions would go unnoticed, or even have the opportunity to enter in the first place. And this relationship is certainly extended through a community of enclosed neighbourhoods, the woman from Olympus Residential Estate on alert when visiting her friends within Boardwalk, and the man from Boardwalk keeping an eye out for trouble while enjoying a round at the close at hand, Woodhill Golf Course.

And it certainly is not as though the surrounding area is itself unsafe – Pretoria east is an area known for its aspect of safety, the attention to detail both in outside of the many enclosures in the area a top priority. The overlap in attention to detail regarding safety provides a synergetic affect in dealing with the scourge that is crime.

Boardwalk manor, in no uncertain terms, is perhaps one of the safest havens one could hope to call home. Properties in Boardwalk Manor Estate, in conjunction with having enclosure wide security, have their own, personalised alarm system, all synced with rapid armed response units ready to fight tooth and nail for your protection.

It is then with great conviction in its crime fighting capabilities and the honour in which it does battle that I present: Boardwalk Manor Estate.

You’re welcome.

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