Schools of Newmark Estate

Ah school. That place where hours of listening to teacher’s groan on about Pythagoras’ Syndrome (or something like that) was punctured by 30 minute intervals of sheer bliss, where 900 adolescents tried to cram in as much fun-having as possible, into the brief interlude, before it was back to more groaning, this time about the differences about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock.

Looking back at it now though, almost 5 years later, it was a complete blessing that I managed to attain the level of education that I did. Matriculation set me up for the time of my life, and I have worked across the world, everywhere from Cape Town to Turin to New York City – something that certainly wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the12 years prior to walking up on stage and being handed a diploma. It was thanks to the hard work of my teachers, both in their conveying of knowledge, as well as their efforts in putting up with my shenanigans that played a pivotal role in seeing me to where I am today, in all that I have accomplished and all that I still stand to achieve.

Now before I start sounding any more narcissistic than I already do (I mean I know I don’t sound narcissistic at all, I’m perfect, and my swing within the nearby Woodhill Golf Course is legendary), let me get to my point: Education. Is. Key. It is absolutely pivotal in ensuring your child has the best and brightest future possible, and to ensure that independence is reached in and of itself, mentally and professionally – that is, it is not façade, tied to the wellbeing of a society that sways to the will of popular cultures of the time. In short, you son or daughter needs to be able to think for themselves. And what better place to use as a springboard into a life of performance success than Newmark Estate

In elaborating on the main advantage that the properties in Newmark Estate have above and beyond those not within the Pretoria east region, I point to the proximity between Newmark, and the schools that complement the area, both in their presence and academic influence – and said distance may be difficult to describe, due to the great and utter lack of it. So close will you find yourself to the institutes that would be the stepping stones to your child’s future that you may not even find it necessary to oversee their travels to and from the front doors of the schools (or as I like to call them, portals to excellence – patent pending). Surely though, I need to elaborate on the quality of said schools if I am to convince you of what they have to offer in terms of the life that awaits for you children – and such is the standard of their efforts in teaching, that I can honestly say I would be my pleasure to do just that.

Abbotts College – a hat tip to the individual spirit that lives within all of us. Its roots taking hold in 2006, Abbotts is the school for those who refuse to bow to the conventional norms of modern-day society, instead choosing to forge their own path through the jungle of life where none exists. It is this kind of innovative spirit that sees us enjoy the possibilities of tomorrow, today, and with a strong focus on the students in and of themselves, as opposed to the treating classes of pupils as just that -  classes of pupils, and unique, contextualised courses in art, design, biology, science, I.T. and hospitality studies, it is no wonder that the young men and women that this school produces enter the world of work a full head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to finding the fine-tuned, well-honed skills necessary in detail specific lines of work.

Abbotts, however, is not the only school that has embraced the ideology of entertaining the human spirit for all that it is, void of the compartmentalisation that today’s world expects of us. Doxa Deo is a school that focuses on both educational as well as religious growth, the two being extremely visible both in the work that students of Doxa Deo produce, as well as in the temperament of said students, for these are surely the ones that will see the revival of chivalry and religious importance amongst coming generations, such is their devotion to the principles bestowed upon them within the walls of the college. Furthermore, Doxa Deo sees the seamless movement from one grade to the next with a 12 year educational program, subdivided into primary, middle and high school segments, meaning that your child will experience absolutely zero disruption to his or her efforts to usurp the conventional definition of excellence.

With nothing but the best of educational opportunities surrounding you, and complimented by the finest in amenities at Newmark Estate, I’m actually quite surprised you haven’t run to the bank and beat down the door to get at their home-loan approval applications.

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