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Woodlands Lifestyle Estate – certainly not the first time I write of the green paradise we all know so well, but assuredly the first time I look specifically and critically at the educational institutes of the surrounding Pretoria east region, also within fantastic distance of properties in Silver Lakes. With education being the most valuable acquisition of anyone  at any time (a personal philosophy that I intend to ensconce within as many as possible, simply because it could not be truer), it stands to reason that it is our responsibility as adults to enhance future generations educational experiences to such a point that they are not only able to reach our current standards of living, but surpass them in every way, and uplift those around them to a point where civilization is forever changed for the better. It is therefore of the utmost importance that our children are sculpted mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically in ways and means that continue to benefit our local and global societies on every level.

I myself am not a parent, but I certainly understand the difficulty behind choosing an academic setting into which to place a growing mind – one that certainly would have one of the most influential and profound impacts on said minds beliefs, mantras, philosophies and actions. In an attempt to assist with the process of selection, I've done a little research (slightly untrue, I did a lot of research). Found below are some of those schools within close proximity to properties in Woodlands Estate, I feel would give any child a springboard start, head and shoulders above the rest, in creating a life worth living.

One may choose a school for many an interchangeable reason – academic performance and quality, safety and security, value for money, extra-curricular activities, to name but a few. But history is permanent, and is written through our actions of the past. There are fewer reliable sources when attempting to determine the character of an educational establishment. And when it comes to history, perhaps no one has a richer nor more profound story to tell than The Glen High School.

Founded in 1976, the Glen has endured near four decades, and has only gone from strength to strength.  With great pride in its Scottish Heritage, The Glen strives to make known its roots through aspects such as the school coat-of-arms, the use of “clans” instead of houses, and the attire of its students, which includes kilts and tartan ties. An atmosphere of competition is highly encouraged as a medium of personal and social growth, and inter-clan competitions are seen in both sporting activities as well as academic performance, the former claiming responsibility for various alumni positions as part of various national sports teams as well as Olympic athlete status.

The Glen boasts ownership over a private swimming pool and, perhaps even more impressive, an indoor sports facility, in which many a sporting affair is held. In keeping with technological advancements yet maintaining its classy touch, the most recent additions to the school include scores of the latest desktop computers and a rec room and foyer centre, available to students, staff and visitors alike.

The Glen however, though great, does not stand unrivaled.

A prestigious academy for ladies, Lerato Convent School is surely a true academic treasure of its time. With its ideological conception in the year 1585, the dream of an academy of excellence through which young women of society may nurture their God-given talents was realized in 1878. Since then it has grown to accommodate the most refined young adults, preparing them for post-graduation success.

Personally, the most inviting factor seems to be the array of interesting guests to the premises. Said guests are invited to educate through the use of everything from  medical kits to fire trucks to snakes (I didn't say snakes…) Pupils are taught everything from basic first aid skills, to the handling of powerful firehouses, and even the correct way to hold a pythons (who said anything about pythons…). You’d certainly be hard-pushed to find a more comprehensive approach to education.

With religious facilities on site, it is well known that Lerato Convent places strong emphasis on spiritual as well as social growth, meaning that staff and students alike constantly strive to encourage a feeling of belonging and well-being.

Got a son? We've got you covered. Waterkloof House Preparatory School was founded in 1923 (yes your maths was correct, WHPS is quickly approaching their centenary celebration!). This testament to education instills in its youth a sense of belonging to a wider community, yet still encourages independent thinking, self-discipline, all the while feeding a hunger to realize great potential found within all of its students. The schools motto is, very simply, “Work Hard, Play Straight” and should give you a relatively good idea of the value that honor and honesty holds. With a strong Christian element at work, young men are taught the importance of spiritual growth and understanding, and this ethos spills over into the everyday of lives of its disciples, seen through the complete and utter gentlemen-like attitude of scholars. Learning experiences at WHPS, by nature and definition, transcend classrooms and lecture halls, and are found and felt as future graduates frequent sport fields and stunning recreational areas.

The qualities infused in WHiPSians (that’s correct, they are their own species) are synonymous with those that see future success and societal growth. Perhaps one of the many, many reasons that high schools far and near, fight tooth and nail to have WHPS students enrolled within their academies.

You see, you need to keep in mind that when you buy a house, you are also buying a life – you re investing in the future of yourself and all those you influence. The community your child grows up in is completely and utterly influenced by the location of your dwelling place, and that extends to their education. So before you view a property, call a bank, sign a lease, ask yourself this – Whether you seek properties in The Wilds, Silver Lakes, Woodlands or beyond, are you buying the house because of the house? Or are you buying the house because of the life it has to offer?

I believe Woodlands is able to answer that question......

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