Silver Lakes Schools

Education – quite possibly the most fundamental building block of modern day society, indeed civilisation. Archimedes and Einstein, Nicherin and Newton, all of our greatest achievements to date stem from humankinds inherent curiosity of the world we live in. From the Late Stone Age to the Early Iron Age, from the kilns of the Medieval to the factories of the Industrial Revolution, from the skyscrapers of our mega cities to the minds that continue to question within them – engineers, architects, anthropologists, philosophers, Jobs and Gates – all of us have an unquenchable thirst to know, to learn, to better understand so we may better construct our environment through concepts both physical and abstract. Improving ourselves as people, as a population, as a species is something we cannot get away from, and it starts from the day we are born. Then why not, I ask of you - why not give our future generations, now staring at us from knee height with inquisitive eyes and minds unburdened by the weight and worries of life that we have all come to know so well, the best start conceivable in assisting with the mental growth that will one day see a man on Mars, an encounter of the third kind, a woman in the Whitehouse?

Why not give them Silver Lakes?

Though I wish it possible to invite you on journey through which I paint you a mental of picture of the finest colours, detailing the absolutely stunning landscapes and awe-inspiring architecture that is Silver Lakes Golf Estate, natural beauty abounding in every direction as far as the eye can see and the mind conceive, it is not within my job description thus far. I have been instructed to inform you about “schools”.

Now, no doubt your son and/or daughter, upon reading that word, has left the computer screen in disgust, wondering who on earth would ever concern themselves with such mundane attributes to an area such as schools – call them back, for these are no mere schools – these are institutions of brilliance, the forerunners of excellence, the stepping stones to Harvard, Oxford, Apple and NASA. The quality of the aforementioned all-important education is categorically outstanding. World class facilities coupled with the brightest minds of our time strive tirelessly to provide nothing but the best in the tuition of tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

One stunning example of said schools is that of Abbotts College – a senior high school renowned for its emphasis on modernity and creativity. Founded in 2006, Abbotts abounds in the latest innovations with regards to art, design, biology, science, computer science - even so far as hospitality studies, with state- of-the-art, fully equipped kitchens at the disposal of its students. The individuality that this campus allows for is unprecedented and unrivalled, mirrored only by the distinct personality of the architecture within the adjacent Silver Lakes Golf Estate.

In another exquisite display of sheer educational virtuosity, one looks towards that establishment known as Doxa Deo. No doubt some of the best and brightest were cultivated at this top notch institution, as a focus on both educational as well as religious growth is highly encouraged. In having both primary and as well as high school subdivisions, students within its system flow seamlessly and flawlessly from one grade to the next, as seen in a stunning student pass rate and emphasis on distinction level work. With focus on both formal and informal learning, students are sure to receive a well-rounded schooling experience. Mathematics and literacy skills are taught from an early level (grade R), giving young, bright minds a head start in readying all learners enrolled for their promotion to the first of twelve exciting years of life.

New to the family life? You're covered. Cradle to Crayons Private Nursery School aims to provide your child with the kind of nurturing support inherent of the lifestyle that befits a toddler-sized king or queen. Emphasis on early education is made visible through stimulating tuition programs and numerous sporting activities, the latter of which forms part of this institution's comprehensive extra-curricular program – a program that spans the mind building exercises of mathematics to the more creative activities of dance and music, ensuring that your child receives a perfectly tailored base-level start to his or her academic career.

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