Schools at The Wilds Estate

Education has always been, in my view, of the utmost importance to solving all of our current and future ills, locally and globally – common and contextualised understanding being the first step towards the identification of problems and the finding of their solutions. Furthermore, the ability to forge one’s own path in a highly unforgiving world lends great independence and self-empowerment to those who would have it, and surely there can be no greater gift from those who are, to those who would become – that is, from all of us, the leaders of our generations, to those we look down upon with fondness as they roll about in cribs. It is with education that we stimulate the ideas that allow us to overcome some of the greatest conundrums of our time, and use the answers to ever improve humanities standing in a cosmic league of survival. From the early stone-age life of the hominids of yesterday to the space stations of tomorrow, the passion for knowledge and the spark that ignites it is something that is present within all of us, its realisation the key to moving forward in leaps and bounds. It took humanity one man’s lifetime to move from the Wright brothers to Yuri Gagarin, and almost half of that to get from the theorizing to the tentative discovery of the Higgs Boson particle. Not but a few days ago did we as a species make history by landing probe on a passing asteroid, moving at hundreds of thousands of kilometres per hour. The sheer magnitude of what is achievable is absolutely mind-numbing, and it all begins with our very first steps down the path to educational, thought-provoking greatness.

Of course, one is not able to achieve the standards of education that would allow your child to be the next Einstein (or Einsten’s wife – she did all of the maths necessary to construct his hypotheses, true story) without help. Which is where the marvellous institutes of Pretoria’s eastern reaches have stepped in with a solution that resounds across the capital, such is the legacy of their work – you’d swear it was another Russell Crowe film. And perhaps just as beautiful as the mind of John Nash is the proximity to the foundations where genius of this nature may be instilled within your children. Properties in The Wilds boasts excellent travelling distance to some of the country’s finest and most innovative institutes of education to date, their spin on the current curriculum ensuring that every child receives the skills necessary to survive in an ever evolving, and ever more technologically dependant world (thoughts of space stations return).

Just as is the emphasis on security at The Wilds, so is the attention to detail their location to the schools that realise the potential hidden within its students through comprehensive and modern teaching methods, proven time and again to produce nothing but the best.

One of these fine colleges of the mind - no doubt you’ve come across it in you travels, such is the expanse of the grounds upon which it sits – is Hatfield Christian School, unrivalled in their educational brilliance. The name already conveys the importance of faith and religion, as students are encouraged to embrace the spiritual side of humanity alongside the physical world that they inhabit, meaning that the graduates of this academy are possibly the most well-rounded adults the continent has ever seen. However, do not let their rounded edges hide their razor sharp minds. Those teachers employed at Hatfield Christian School and entrusted with your child future are products of the strictest entrance requirements, and as a result provide only the very best in word-class teachings.  The importance of academic achievement is inherent of the school, and is perhaps only rivalled by the competitive nature of students upon the perfectly manicured sports fields – for it is well known, and certainly embraced, that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. With the very best in sports coaching and sporting facilities, it may become difficult to predict your child’s future – will he become part of the team confronting humanities final frontier, perhaps from the control room, or even aboard the shuttle? Or will she achieve fame, fortune and glory upon an Olympic track, as thousands chant her name, donned with flowers and medals? One thing is certain – regardless of the path of your child’s future, the level of absolute might and potency, as instilled by that which is Hatfield Christian School, is infinite.

Now, not to undo all that has been said about HCS (yes, I’m doing the abbreviation’s now – apparently it’s trending, I only just found out what WCW and MCM means – no it’s not worth mentioning), but to be fair, I did say that The Wilds experienced wonderful proximity to several of educations finest – (paragraph 2, line 8. See, I would never lie to you). The second, in order but definitely not in standard, of said finest is, of course – and I say “of course” because it is possibly one of the few schools that rival Hatfield Christian within the academy (although now that I think about it, I did say that HCS was unrivalled…Okay I guess I would lie to you, but our relationship can handle it), is that of The Glen – and you know a school is going to be great when the name is prefixed with a “The”. With absolutely massive emphasis on sports and physical fitness and growth, the Scottish heritage in which The Glen revels means that education, tradition and a competitive edge will see its students into the future with a ferocity to come out on top, and do so honestly and honourably.

And when we are old(er) and enjoying a game upon the greens of Silver Lakes golf course, we may look back, and appreciate that we made the right decisions for our families in choosing The Wilds as a place of home.

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