Schools at Silver Stream

Education is beautiful. And yes, I’m going to tell you why.

It is beautiful far beyond any physical representation of what we as a society have come to define beauty as (thoughts of underweight supermodels spring to mind). Even more beautiful than the golf course at Woodhill, that stands as an excellent exmaple of amenities within the east. It is beautiful in the way that it has allowed a species, once nought but an idea on an evolving garden planet, to grow at such a rate, and with such dominance and prestige that we have come to rule everything that we have touched on this world and beyond. Humans are, up to this this point and far into the foreseeable future (unless we end up in a real-life Independence Day scenario, great movie) unrivalled in our mental capacity, verbal abilities, innovative mind-sets and production of the tools that set us so far above anything else ever encountered that we lose sight of them through cover of cloud. We are truly a marvel of natural evolution, and have survived to leave no doubt that we are indeed the fittest. And all of this is as a result of our ability, nay our thirst, to know. And not just to know, but to know everything. It is arguably our greatest trait that we have a constant, if you will, “unsatisfiable” need to find out everything we possibly can about everything we ever find – a vicious, glorious circle that ends in more questions that with which it began. It is in this way that education is beautiful. Faceless, nameless, timeless, an unreal concept of bestowing past knowledge onto future knowledge finders, so as to aid in their quest of discovery. And it is new information, uncovered every day, that allows us to conceptualise, build, design, live out the fruits of our labours - and it is this ideology that laid the foundation, both in idea and realisation, of Silver Stream Estate.

Properties within Silver Stream Estate offer more than just an excellent quality of life, more than the beautiful design that architects and engineers strove for, more that the exquisite finish on the houses that give the area an air of royalty – for such are the houses that somewhere in their descriptions the word palatial is surely found, and more than the security to be found at Silver Stream. They offer a place of living directly adjacent to a place of learning. Or to be more accurate, the place of learning. The schools that dot the eastern suburbs of Pretoria are well known for their absolutely gorgeous take on modern education, the fruits of which are seen within all that pass through their classrooms

But let us start small, for there is no way that you’re enrolling your five-year-old into the tenth grade just yet (unless his name is Sheldon Cooper. Yes I’ve discovered the Big Bang Theory). A strong foundation to that beautiful education your loved ones stand to receive at the hands of schools within the east starts at Cradle to Crayons Private Nursery School. The highly focused, yet still playful and active curriculum that is found at this prestigious institute for toddlers means that not only will your child receive coaching in completing the physical activities needed to ensure a healthy childhood, and the emotional support necessary for mental vitality, but that students of Cradles and Crayons will receive a head start in critical and crucial mathematics and literacy skills, giving them the edge needed to get into academies such as Lerato Convent School for Ladies. Speak of the devil it’s in the following paragraph

Lerato Convent School for gorgeously-tailored, brilliant-in-mind-and-spirit, out-of-this-world Ladies…okay fine I added a few description of my own into the name, but can you blame me? I mean the sheer level and quality of education that the young women of tomorrow find within these walls is outstanding, and has an extremely rich history behind it. Founded in 1878 (and just to be clear, that is over a century and three decades of academic excellence), Lerato Convent School sees the amalgamation of all that is good in education and religion under one banner of continued personal and spiritual growth. With great emphasis on what the modern woman needs to survive in a patriarchal world, the uniquely tailored curriculum will see your daughter become one to respected and idolised, a far throw from the conventional notion of gender specific stereotypes that we have all come to know, and unfortunately accept – not anymore however. Lerato breaks the mould in a glorious manner.

And speaking of Gender stereotypes, I most certainly do not assume that the only people that exist in this world are female (I also do not assume that because it would be biologically impossible. Also, I wouldn’t have had a date to the matric dance – not that the only reason I got one was because women exist…that would be sad). In catering for those families with young men in their midst, I present to you, Waterkloof House Preparatory School, where the motto is Work Hard, Play Straight – one that is certainly upheld by the honourable young men that attend this fine establishment.
WHiPSians, as they are known, also hold fast to the values of religion, and govern themselves, in thought word and deed, by the principles bestowed upon them by a belief in a power greater than themselves.

I sincerely hope it has become a little easier to understand why those who call the properties in Silver Stream home have an edge in terms of the upbringing of their children. With a respect for their classmates both on the sports fields and in the classroom, students within the academies of the east are surely to be some of the finest adults to ever grace the African working world and beyond.

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