Schools at Heron Hill

The value of education, in my opinion, is hugely underrated in today’s society. Adequate learning opportunities stand as the answer to almost all of the world’s current problems, from poverty to conflict to the economic meltdowns that we have come to know so well. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just sending your children to school and assuming that their educational upbringing will take care of itself, no there certainly is much more to the academic puzzle than that – many a lesson will be learnt outside of the classroom, those lessons then dependant on the environment which surrounds its pupils to be. As for the in-class learning that is to take place, should tomorrow’s leaders affirm any change to a volatile world that craves direction, the facilities certainly need to be conducive to a setting where learning is not simply an entity of itself, but rather one to meld with the innovative minds that seek nourishing sustenance.

I understand the concept of learning extending beyond the walls of the lecture theatres in which many a great mind has grown may be a bit tricky to comprehend. Let me give you a personal example. I love football. I live for the game. But more than great body-ball coordination and exquisite reflexes (yes I’m bragging, let me have my moment), I have learnt discipline, teamwork, punctuality, responsibility and bravery in their most transferrable forms.

Discipline – the ability to follow instructions without question, in trusting that my coach, my captain and my teammates have only the best intentions in attaining victory for all. Teamwork – the fact that the “many” is stronger than the “one” and that more could be achieved in 90 minutes through a collective effort than could ever be achieved in a lifetime of individual trials. Punctuality – every second counts, and when there are others depending on you, it simply is not fair to delay the journey to greatness for all – it is a quite simple really: be on time, at all times, to ever further the movement of the team as a whole towards yet another victory. Responsibility – within the team, as though a well-oiled machine, every member has an individual task that he or she needs to accomplish with impeccable precision in order allow others to do the same. Bravery – though there may be many a time where the situation appears grim at best, and hope has all but abandoned you – that is when you get up and push harder, further faster and more explosively than ever before in gaining ground in achieving the impossible.

These are skills that have served me well upon the sports field, yet have also dealt me a wonderful hand when used in everyday life situations. They have seen me attain the jobs that I have had, the degrees and the diplomas that I have earned, and the ability to seize the opportunities that lay before me. And these are the skills that will be attained in magnificent quantity by those attending the schools that dot the eastern stretches of Pretoria, their proximity to the very best in housing doing nothing but giving to the atmosphere of personal and societal growth. And the Properties For Sale in Heron Hill are certainly no exception. As the newest member of a trend that is sweeping the country by storm, enclosed living has never been so well complimented by the academic facilities that surround it, their presence doing wonders to the value of the neighbourhoods, both economically and in terms of the opportunities presented to the leaders of tomorrow who live within them today.

But perhaps a description of the facilities themselves would do more to convince you of the excellent choice that Heron Hill stands for your children, the very ones who would inherit today’s society, tomorrow.

I certainly have been pushing the sports portfolio, so it should come as no surprise when I mention the glorious facilities that stand available to all those who attend Hatfield Christian School. The sports grounds are incredible, perfectly manicured and kept in the most pristine condition upon which to cultivate the finest in the sports stars of the future. Further than that however, the emphasis that HCS places on sports will no doubt see the aforementioned growth in terms of the characteristics that see not only its students become the most successful in their careers of choice, but also the most well-rounded individuals of the day, sure to gain the respect of all that have the privilege of making their acquaintance.

As for the theoretical conditions within the schools halls and classrooms? Just as high as those that are to be found upon the fields that stand adjacent, so strict are the requirements that allow educators to teach, that your children will be provided with only the very best in the assistance that will see them on their way to greatness. And HCS is but one school that adds to the splendour of the amenities at Heron Hill.

I don’t think any parent to could ask for anymore.

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