Schools At Cormallen Hill Estate

I feel am getting on in years; aging like fine wine I’d like to think. Although, that is perhaps not entirely true. I am of the relatively tender age of twenty-six, well en-route to twenty-seven. Notwithstanding the fact that I have been to fourteen countries on four different continents, been a professional soccer player (and retired), started my own football club, attended four of some of the best tertiary institutions in the world (in two countries on two separate continents), been employed in six or seven distinct commercial sectors, paid my own school tuition and assisted my family with three self startup businesses, I am doubtlessly considered, by most societal standards, young; old enough to go to jail for life, of course, if I were to commit a crime warranting such sanction. Yet still, by most valuations engendered by greatly respectable older individuals within our societal structure, I am not old enough to understand the intimate workings of our world. Perhaps the only thing I haven't done is own a house in Cormallen Hill Estate! I am still supposed to be an emotionally unsophisticated novice, more concerned with materialism and frivolity, choc-full of unrealistic dreams and deliberations about who I am, or can and want to be. I am, after all, a youth. I am a young adult, whose enthusiasm will, more often than not, eclipse my experience, exposing my naiveté and impetuosity, from which I will suffer loss, defeat and/or rejection in order to become a cognoscente of the contrast between mature reality and juvenile fantasy. The actuality that this assessment of who I am (and who many youths are) is lamentably erroneous is beside the point. What I’d really like to say is that, contrary to what many might opt to regard as true, there is one commodity – or perhaps the word ‘notion’ might be more appropriate – that I have found to be emphatically advantageous in my supposedly fledging life, No, I am not speaking about Cormallen Hill Estate. That ‘notion’, that precious and inimitable commodity, is education. Education. We could certainly muse and maneuver through varying interpretations of what constitutes education precisely, where and when it is administered or retained, and how one distinguishes between being educated and being knowledgeable or wise, thus let me superintend this definition. I am talking about the privilege of entering an institution of learning, where every room, every mind, every structure and attitude, is specifically designed to furnish our systematic understanding of the world we live. I am speaking about a formal education. No singular aspect of my life and has provided me with more direction, more stability and more credence that I can be a success, that I can be whomever I wish to be, if I can simply put my educated mind to it. What education gives us, from my humble, yet vastly informed perspective, is a template. This template’s intent is one that shows us, in a deliberate and scientifically designed process, how to think, not what to think (or at least it should). Its primary purpose is to provide us with the intellectual framework to evaluate the constant influx of information, data and council in our world, so as to conclude its relevance, accuracy and utility within the niches of our own lives. The pen is without a doubt, substantially mightier than the sword. This is why it is pivotal to consider, in all your movements, in all your resolutions, where you are going to educate your children. What will they learn? Why would they learn it? Cormallen Hill Estate has made the decision rather simple for you and yours. It is situated mere minutes from countless formal institutions that cater to all ages and levels of education, in such a way that one would certainly be able to acquired quality and convenient education to their children from pre-kindergarten all the way through the usually tumultuous high school years without even leaving the surrounding areas! With intimate, bilingual pre-primary schools such as Highlands Kids (which is also Christian!), Piccoli Nursery School and Bambolini (this name is the cutest ever) your little ones can have a vivacious start to their long educational endeavors. Sport is already offered to them at this tender age! Additionally Doxa Deo Christian School can provide your children with profound spiritual and academic tuition from Grade RR all the way through the 12th grade. Similarly the American International School of Johannesburg (Pretoria Campus) offers marvelously exposed curriculums, where it seems no proficiency is overlooked, and the extra-curriculum activities are so comprehensive that they must be categorized into sport, extra-curriculum activities and even cultural activities. Excitingly, these activities include Spanish Master Chef, Yoga, Astronomy, Drama, Stock Market Investment Club and seemingly any sport your kid could pick and drop in a heartbeat (I know how it is, I’ve played everything from badminton to saxophones). Nonetheless, this is the kind of exposure, experience and learning that will place your children’s future in good stead and ensure that they also grow to treasure and cultivate, just as you did, the mightiest pen of them all – a holistic and extensive education. The only remaining question at hand should be: Of the architectural marvels that are the properties for sale in Cormallen Hill Estate, which will you buy?

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